Understand, you’re a mass of energy and you do function on frequencies. Just like your phone functions on a frequency, you function on frequency. And if we could photograph you, this is what you would look like.

Semyon Kirlian, the year I was born perfected a form of photography where you can photograph mass and it’ll photograph the energy coming from mass. Like a plant, anything, anything has an energy. Everything moves, nothing rests. Well, you’re a mass of living energy, a very high speed of vibration. Okay?

Now what we want to do is understand the law of vibration. The law of vibration decrees that everything moves, nothing rests. Listen, a body in a coffin is moving. It is not dead as we understand dead. It is moving. And if it wasn’t moving, it would never change to dust. How does it change the dust? It changes to dust because create or disintegrate. It’s disintegrating. It’s moving. But it’s very alive. Make no mistake about it.

Look at that glass. Now you’ve walked on the beach. That glass used to be sand. It’s the same energy now as it was then, the difference is it’s moving at a different speed, so we put a different name on it. It’s called glass. Yet, energy, you understand its energy, and because of the speed it’s vibrating at, we call it glass. But it used to be sand. Yet, we put it in a hot enough situation, it would be called air, either or gas. You cannot destroy it, but you can certainly change the vibration.
You’re dealing with infinite. No beginning, no end. Get it in your head. You. You are a created being. No limit to what you can do. There’s an infinite number of vibration, of frequencies. There’s no end to it.