If you’re ready to take your life to the next level but don’t know how, our trained coaches will help you bring something out of yourself that you didn’t know was there and then work with you to figure out the next steps to move you closer to where you really want to be. Every Proctor Gallagher Coach is trained on the exact strategies Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher have used to help millions of people around the world. If you want greater success, more fulfillment and more abundance, speak to one of our coaches today.

DP Gates started studying Bob and Sandy at a young age. However, when he understood this material on a cellular level, everything in his life—from his health to his income—improved. And his results got better and better every year.

Now DP leads our team as Vice President of Sales helping people all over the world every day.

Melissa worked as a kindergarten teacher for 12 years before moving on to her dream job which was coaching and helping people on a much bigger scale as one of Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s coaches. She loves what she does and is passionate about inspiring and helping people of all ages make changes that allow them to live a life they absolutely love.

In 2014, Earl “E.J.” Colclough began to strive towards loftier goals in his business. Even though he watched Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher’s lessons on YouTube, it sometimes seemed like his goals were receding even though he was working hard. E.J. felt stuck. He wanted his business to be more self-sustaining. Yet, after seven years of great effort, he had failed.

Cameron Watt worked in the Turfgrass industry for a little more than 20 years. After experiencing health problems, he claimed bankruptcy, which triggered years of low confidence, poor health, a bad attitude towards money, and a deteriorating relationship. By studying personal development for a couple of years, everything has changed for the better and continues to get better in every way.

Madison is a multi-talented author, producer and entrepreneur with a diverse background in finance, entertainment, and self-help. She began her career on Wall Street as a fixed income trader, but quickly realized that her true passion lay elsewhere. Driven by a desire to pursue her creative interests, Madison decided to explore the world of comedy, where she quickly established herself as a rising star.

Erin Ley is a student of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher’s work since 1991 when she was diagnosed with a rare pediatric form of cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoblastic lymphoma, at age twenty-five. It was then that Erin discovered the power of meditation and visualization. She began living every time the doctors said she was going to die during the two-and-a-half-year protocol. After the protocol ended, Erin went on to have three children the doctors swore would never happen.

Dusan is an avid student of personal development and passionate about helping people transform their lives. When he first met Bob in 2013, he was at a very low point in his life and was desperately searching for the way out which he found in Bob’s message and advice. Since Bob helped him completely change his life, all he wanted is to help others get this message and use it for their own good.

In March 2022, Melissa had the chance to attend a Facebook Live event with Bob Proctor himself. She was so inspired by his words that she decided to enroll in his one-year coaching program. However, after a month, she felt overwhelmed because she had started a new job, so she dropped out. But then, something amazing happened. Life put her in front of another of Bob’s programs (The New Lead the Field Program), and this time, she was determined to make it work. She followed the program diligently, and within a short period of time, she started to see incredible results.

Coaching and Training Liaisons

Lauren became a life coach at age 12, and she started following Bob Proctor’s material shortly after. She followed him all throughout high school and started to see her life change right before her eyes. Lauren started working with Proctor Gallagher in 2020. She loves helping people find their purpose just like she found hers.

Rebecca first saw Bob on stage in 1999 and you could have blown her over with a feather with what she heard. As a young Mum and entrepreneur, she’d found that missing information no one else was talking about that she intuitively knew was there. She committed from then on to embody it completely and be the teacher she knew her children needed, and life changed in every way. Now, she’s on purpose sharing it with people all over the world!