If you’re ready to take your life to the next level but don’t know how, our trained coaches will help you bring something out of yourself that you didn’t know was there and then work with you to figure out the next steps to move you closer to where you really want to be. Every Proctor Gallagher Institute Coach is trained on the exact strategies Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher have used to help millions of people around the world. If you want greater success, more fulfillment and more abundance, speak to one of our coaches today.

As an MBA with a very successful high-earning corporate career, Andra had what most people would consider a perfect life. However something was missing until she encountered Bob’s teachings. After a decade of self-discovery, she realized success comes from inner transformation and becoming more of who you truly are. She now helps others connect…

Andres got connected with Bob Proctor and started studying the material for the first time back in June 2019. At that time he had never invested in coaching before and was also in a lot of debt. He got introduced to one of Bob’s coaches and got on a call. Andres had such an emotional impact during the meeting that he made the decision to invest in one of Bob’s Elite Coaching Programs…

In 2010, Arash was studying Bob and Sandy’s teachings from afar. After meeting Bob, Arash enrolled in his coaching program. Within one year, Arash discovered his purpose (which is coaching others to create the life they truly want) and tripled his income from the most he had ever earned.

Like many people, Bill Banta was lost when he was in his twenties. Then, he started studying Bob Proctor’s material in 1993. Bill began to think that he was born with more ability than he was demonstrating and he needed to be in charge of his own future. He still studies every day.

Cameron Watt worked in the Turfgrass industry for a little more than 20 years. After experiencing health problems, he claimed bankruptcy, which triggered years of low confidence, poor health, a bad attitude towards money, and a deteriorating relationship. By studying personal development for a couple of years, everything has changed for the better and continues to get better in every way.

As a single mom with a strong desire to provide the best life for her son, she worked harder and longer, quickly climbing the corporate ladder only to realize more overwhelm and exhaustion. At the end of 2018, Cathy made a committed decision to create a life she could wake up to and love every single day.

Ciaran was a stressed-out, self-employed restaurateur for 15 years. When he saw Bob Proctor in The Secret, something inside shifted. Now goal-driven, passionate, and living the life of his dreams, Ciaran helps people realize their highest potential and achieve their goals.

Chris has been studying closely with Bob and Sandy for years, and he’s much happier with what he’s doing with his life. He loves being a PGI Coach because he helps people from all walks and levels in life get clear on what they want and then create a more satisfying life.

At the age of 29, Cliona opened a business in healthcare. In 2014, she decided to sell her businesses to pursue her true passion, Personal Development and Coaching. Cliona studied with the masters in personal development for over 14 years before becoming a Proctor Gallagher Consultant. Today, Cliona coaches clients all over the world helping them achieve their goals, know their worth and create a life of financial freedom, joy, abundance and health.

Although he was successful, Darren felt stuck and empty while working in the medical profession. To achieve his calling, he decided to leave everything behind. Now Darren is living his passion by working with individuals and organizations to refuse mediocrity and maximize their potential.

David dedicated his life to teaching, coaching, and running youth centers for more than 15 years. However, then he found himself feeling stuck and empty, but he didn’t know how to overcome those feelings. David’s world opened up when he was introduced to Bob Proctor and he discovered his true purpose is to help others create a life of freedom doing what they absolutely love.

DP Gates started studying Bob and Sandy at a young age. However, when he understood this material on a cellular level, everything in his life—from his health to his income—improved. And his results got better and better every year.

In 2014, Earl “E.J.” Colclough began to strive towards loftier goals in his business. Even though he watched Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher’s lessons on YouTube, it sometimes seemed like his goals were receding even though he was working hard. E.J. felt stuck. He wanted his business to be more self-sustaining. Yet, after seven years of great effort, he had failed….

After experiencing the high-pressured stress, anxiety, and burnout of working in Corporate America for 20+ years, Haley knew she needed to make a change. She was introduced to Bob and Sandy’s material in early 2017 and within less than a year, she was able to leave her day job to pursue her purpose within coaching and the personal development industry.

I was a soldier at a rank where certain opportunities were not granted in my country. At home in addition, the environment that nurtured me was one that could’ve easily determined my limits. I was totally unaware of these things until I got understanding, the level of understanding that Bob Proctor exposed the world to. Through watching his videos and reading his information I realized…

Jeff worked as an Athletic Director for 19 years and felt his life had already been “pre-set.” However, he started to study Bob and Sandy’s material and began to open up his mind to the life he wanted to live. Now, Jeff is living life on his terms, and is determined to help others do the same.

Before working with PGI, Justin was a stressed-out, run-down carpenter working 65 to 70 hours a week. At the lowest point of his life, PGI’s programs were the life raft he needed to turn his life around. Today, not only is he creating financial freedom, Justin genuinely loves what he does.

Karen ran a successful company in the conference, meeting planning, and incentive travel industry for 25+ years. As a PGI Coach, her mission is to help professionals and entrepreneurs to discover their true passion and achieve extraordinary results with ease and confidence.

When Kati was 21 years old, she moved from Peru to Toronto, Canada to pursue her dreams. She only had $2000 dollars in her pocket, but had so much faith and a great attitude. Years later, she was in a professional level job as an advertising consultant doing well, but she heard about Bob Proctor and attended the Paradigm shift seminar in L.A.

For more than ten years, Marcelo was a postgraduate university professor with all possible academic titles. However, he realized that this was not nearly enough to achieve success. He began studying Bob Proctor’s teachings in 2007 and has since had a path of a more purposeful life. Marcelo now knows and teaches that by understanding this information, anything is possible.

Mario used to work as an accountant, for 23+ years. He was raised to work hard, climb the corporate ladder, and retire at 65, he was a non-dreamer. When Mario started studying Bob and Sandy’s material, it allowed him to get out of his own way, open up, and start to dream like when he was a child — and truly succeed—for the first time.

Melissa worked as a kindergarten teacher for 12 years before moving on to her dream job which was coaching and helping people on a much bigger scale as one of Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s coaches. She loves what she does and is passionate about inspiring and helping people of all ages make changes that allow them to live a life they absolutely love.

Michael’s story embodies the true essence of Proctor Gallagher Institute’s philosophy. In 2012, while broke, living in his car, and believing all hope was gone, he was given the book you were born rich….

While working as a hairstylist, Monica used to watch Bob Proctor from afar. One day, she decided to attend one of his seminars, and her life has never been the same. Since she started working as a coach for PGI, among many other changes, Monica earns 25 times what she earned as a hairstylist. She now has a passion for her daily work and brings that passions to each and every client.

After graduating from business school, Peter planned to enter the Life Insurance industry. He attended a PGI seminar before deciding which company to work for, and he fell in love with what Bob Proctor, his great uncle, was teaching. He decided to join the PGI team to help other people, primarily young people, navigate periods of transition.

Renee’s background began in owning a holistic health clinic for 16 yrs. She spent over 15,000 hours treating complex soft tissue injuries and dis-ease while leading a team of therapists, doctors, and holistic practitioners. The most valuable concept…


After studying the self-development industry for about two years. Said decided to attend three live events—one in 2017, another in 2018, and the final one in 2019. As a result, many positive changes happened in Said’s personal and professional life. So, he decided to help others by sharing the same information that transformed his life.

When Timi was in her 40s, she had studied Bob Proctor’s material for years, but she was not achieving nearly what she knew she was capable of. After deciding to go all out and pour her heart and soul into Bob’s programs, Timi’s life was transformed. Today, Timi is passionate about helping others grow their awareness of the power that is inside and that they can tap into that power to achieve their deepest desires.

Coaching and Training Liaisons

As a self-employed, single mother she worked long hours making ends meet. During Covid 2020 income declined, limiting beliefs formed. Pursuing positive change she joined PGI passionately helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

 One day, Chris attended a Bob Proctor seminar, and it changed his life forever. Chris credits Bob’s philosophy and teachings for helping him expand his construction company well into the 6-figure income. In 2018, Chris sold his company and spent some time evaluating what the next phase of his life would be. When presented with the opportunity to work with the Proctor Gallagher Institute presented itself, he jumped in and has enjoyed every second of it.

After hitting rock-bottom personally in 2015, Eva thought to herself: There must be something more to life than this! And so her personal development journey began with small gratitude steps. She first learned about Bob Proctor in 2017, but it wasn’t until years later that she realized that her paradigms were holding her back and that she was operating from a negative mental personal self-image. With that awareness, she made a committed decision to work on herself with the help of Bob Proctor and his team. Little did she know just how much that decision would impact her life in a positive way in a short period of time. She is truly grateful to be part of this wonderful team.

As the daughter of immigrants, Gabriela immediately understood what it means to persevere. She grew up lower class, got herself through college and managed to make it in the entertainment industry. After working in numerous network shows, she realized she didn’t feel fulfilled and began to think, “There has to be something else.” This is when she began working on herself through reading many self-help books, listening to podcasts and learning about the work that Bob Proctor does. She’s definitely applying what she’s learned, and owning it!

Being a member of Proctor Gallagher Institue, Haider has learned and evolved to grow. The teachings shared by Bob and Cliona have opened a realm of new opportunities which has rendered transformative impact in every sphere of his life. He is striving to create a better future for himself and his family. Haider is grateful for the exposure and support the PGI team has offered in personal and professional development.

Jen devoted over a decade of her life to a career in corporate accounting, on the advice of family that her best shot at creating a better life was to do well in school and get an office job where she could climb the corporate ladder. Despite some exciting successes early in her career, Jen could feel herself moving further…..

Karly started her personal growth journey when she opened her first business in aesthetics. Helping people feel their best has always been her primary focus. When she found Bob Proctor and his teachings, she knew right away that it was the missing piece to helping herself and many others develop into their fullest and highest potential and create the life of their dreams. She is grateful every single day to be part of a community.

Kelly has always loved helping people. She worked in public education for 14 years and was a literacy coach for five years. When she came across PGI’s teaching, Kelly recognized it as the best in the world. Kelly decided to join the PGI team to create a better life for herself and her children and to help others do the same by seeing that they are the only solution to their problems.

Lauren became a life coach at age 12, and she started following Bob Proctor’s material shortly after. She followed him all throughout high school and started to see her life change right before her eyes. Lauren started working with Proctor Gallagher Institute in 2020. She loves helping people find their purpose just like she found hers.

Nicole started studying Bob and Sandy’s teachings ten years ago at the encouragement of her dear friend, Arash. Nicole’s work with the Proctor Gallagher Institute has been a wonderful opportunity to practice the work that changed her life, and she is grateful every single day.

Nicole has an eclectic background that includes, coaching, designing, practicing Feng Shui, teaching yoga and leading Master Mind groups. From a young age, she has always been passionate about personal growth and development and in 2015 was introduced to the book Think & Grow Rich, which eventually led her to Bob and following him through various channels…

Since joining the Proctor Gallagher Institute team, Yadi has discovered a whole world of opportunities to learn and grow. Bob and Sandy’s teachings have helped her to make changes in every area of her life. She is a happier and healthier person each day and knows that she is creating a better future for herself and her children. Yadi is so grateful to be a part of the supportive and service-minded PGI team.