If you’re ready to take your life to the next level but don’t know how, our trained coaches will help you bring something out of yourself that you didn’t know was there and then work with you to figure out the next steps to move you closer to where you really want to be. Every Proctor Gallagher Institute Coach is trained on the exact strategies Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher have used to help millions of people around the world. If you want greater success, more fulfillment and more abundance, speak to one of our coaches today.

Annie devoted ten years of her professional career serving in education within the Canadian public school system. After studying personal development for over four years, she found her true inspiration in the words of her mentor Bob Proctor, which motivated her to make a change.

In 2010, Arash was studying Bob and Sandy’s teachings from afar. After meeting Bob, Arash enrolled in his coaching program. Within one year, Arash discovered his purpose (which is coaching others to create the life they truly want) and tripled his income from the most he had ever earned.

Like many people, Bill Banta was lost when he was in his twenties. Then, he started studying Bob Proctor’s material in 1993. Bill began to think that he was born with more ability than he was demonstrating and he needed to be in charge of his own future. He still studies every day.

Chris has been studying closely with Bob and Sandy for years, and he’s much happier with what he’s doing with his life. He loves being a PGI Coach because he helps people from all walks and levels in life get clear on what they want and then create a more satisfying life.

At the age of 29, Cliona opened a business in healthcare. In 2014, she decided to sell her businesses to pursue her true passion, Personal Development and Coaching. Cliona studied with the masters in personal development for over 14 years before becoming a Proctor Gallagher Consultant. Today, Cliona coaches clients all over the world helping them achieve their goals, know their worth and create a life of financial freedom, joy, abundance and health.

DP Gates started studying Bob and Sandy at a young age. However, when he understood this material on a cellular level, everything in his life—from his health to his income—improved. And his results got better and better every year.

Dusan didn’t have a full-time job when he started studying Bob and Sandy’s material. He didn’t like the way he was living his life and was earning only $150 a month doing odd jobs. He decided to change his life. Dusan became a PGI coach, and now he sometimes earns thousands of dollars in an hour.

After experiencing the high-pressured stress, anxiety, and burnout of working in Corporate America for 20+ years, Haley knew she needed to make a change. She was introduced to Bob and Sandy’s material in early 2017 and within less than a year, she was able to leave her day job to pursue her purpose within coaching and the personal development industry.

Jeff worked as an Athletic Director for 19 years and felt his life had already been “pre-set.” However, he started to study Bob and Sandy’s material and began to open up his mind to the life he wanted to live. Now, Jeff is living life on his terms, and is determined to help others do the same.

Before working with PGI, Justin was a stressed-out, run-down carpenter working 65 to 70 hours a week. At the lowest point of his life, PGI’s programs were the life raft he needed to turn his life around. Today, not only is he creating financial freedom, Justin genuinely loves what he does.

Mario used to work as an accountant, for 23+ years. He was raised to work hard, climb the corporate ladder, and retire at 65, he was a non-dreamer. When Mario started studying Bob and Sandy’s material, it allowed him to get out of his own way, open up, and start to dream like when he was a child — and truly succeed—for the first time.

Matthew owned and ran an electrical business for eleven years. While he loved serving his customers, he didn’t love being an electrician. He attended a PGI event to see if he could figure out how to create financial freedom for his family by doing something that he loved to do. When he heard that there were opportunities to work with PGI, Matthew knew it was what he wanted to do.

Melissa worked as a kindergarten teacher for 12 years before moving on to her dream job which was coaching and helping people on a much bigger scale as one of Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s coaches. She loves what she does and is passionate about inspiring and helping people of all ages make changes that allow them to live a life they absolutely love.

While working as a hairstylist, Monica used to watch Bob Proctor from afar. One day, she decided to attend one of his seminars, and her life has never been the same. Since she started working as a coach for PGI, among many other changes, Monica earns 25 times what she earned as a hairstylist. She now has a passion for her daily work and brings that passions to each and every client.

After graduating from business school, Peter planned to enter the Life Insurance industry. He attended a PGI seminar before deciding which company to work for, and he fell in love with what Bob Proctor, his great uncle, was teaching. He decided to join the PGI team to help other people, primarily young people, navigate periods of transition.

Coaching and Training Liaisons

Kelly has always loved helping people. She worked in public education for 14 years and was a literacy coach for five years. When she came across PGI’s teaching, Kelly recognized it as the best in the world. Kelly decided to join the PGI team to create a better life for herself and her children and to help others do the same by seeing that they are the only solution to their problems.

Nicole started studying Bob and Sandy’s teachings ten years ago at the encouragement of her dear friend, Arash. Nicole’s work with the Proctor Gallagher Institute has been a wonderful opportunity to practice the work that changed her life, and she is grateful every single day.