June 14TH – 18TH

Join Bob Proctor for his live, free training on June 14th-18th at 9:00 AM Eastern as he walks you through everything you need to know to master the principles of The Science of Getting Rich. Bob has been studying these principles for 60 years, so in addition to sharing how to use the formula, he’ll make sure you include the one ingredient most people leave out of the formula entirely.




What do you really want to do with your life?

With Bob Proctor’s coaching, Peter Hurley went from being a bartender to the Olympic Sailing Team to the premiere headshot photographer in the world. He shares his remarkable journey in this video.


This is the most in-depth wealth creation program we have ever created. Participants leave this six-day event with a clearly defined goal and a plan for how to achieve it. This video explains what you might expect from attending this workshop.


The Ideal Business…

Are you interested in starting a business that helps others achieve their dreams and offers unlimited income potential?

This video shares the impact the Proctor Gallagher Consultant Program is having on people’s lives around the world.