You see, it’s all about the mind, your marvelous mind. The only thing about a man that is a man is his mind. Everything else you’ll find in a pig or a horse. Now think of this, your spiritual DNA is perfect. It’s perfect. That’s the core of who you are, right in the center of your consciousness. It’s perfect.

It doesn’t require any modification, it doesn’t require any improvement. There is absolute perfection within us. Could we part the sea? Sure could. Can we walk on water? Absolutely. Could we heal the sick? No question about it. Everything that you can imagine, you can do, and even those things you haven’t imagined yet.

Now think, your spirit is all knowing. Where’s all the knowledge? Omnipresent. Where’s that? In you. You’ve already got it all, all the knowledge you’ll ever need you’ve already got. Every answer to every question, you’ve already got. So what’s the trick? The trick is to become aware of what you’ve got, become aware of who you are.

Spirit is all-knowing. Spirit is all-powerful. All the power there ever was. You don’t get energy. You ever hear somebody say, “Where does she get all the …?” She doesn’t get energy, she expresses energy. But you are all-powerful, you are. Because, you, see, it doesn’t matter where you are the spirit’s there too. That’s why you never walk alone, it’s all there. It’s ever-present.

Now think, you are all knowing. You have all the knowledge there ever was or ever will be within. You have all the power there ever was or ever will be. It’s evenly present in all places at the same time. That’s the real you. That’s the real you. Are you truly who you pretend to be?

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