Your body is the instrument of your mind. Start paying attention to what your body is doing, where it’s going, and realize the mind operates on two different levels, on a conscious level and a subconscious level. Now, on a conscious level, we have sensory factors. You can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. They’re like little antenna sticking out of our consciousness. They are used, as long as you were living in a physical body corresponding with the material universe, you’re going to use your senses. They are not to give you direction in your life. They help you to see, are you going in the right direction? If you see that you’re not doing as well as you know you’re capable of that’s a message that you should be using your higher faculties, your intellectual mind.

You have intellectual factors. You have perception, the will, imagination, memory, intuition, and reason. No other form of life have these higher faculties so far as we know. This is such an important fact about our life yet we don’t even know it. This is not taught in school. You’ve got phenomenal powers. When you start using your higher faculties, you’ll know and you know that you know.

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