Spirit is 100% evenly present in all places at the same time. You’re a spiritual being. You live in a physical body, and the spirit always manifests through its polar opposite. That’s a prayer rest. Prayers are a movement that takes place between spirit and form with and through you. Most people are praying for what they don’t want. You have an intellect and, of course, your emotional state is dictated by how you use your intellect. You see it’s with the intellect that we make the choice, it’s with the intellect we create the idea that we impress upon the emotional mind and that’s what’s manifests through the body. Why would a person choose a destructive idea for themselves? Because they’re ignorant. They don’t know. But we’re all ignorant, we don’t know. There’s all kinds of things we don’t know. People work against themselves because they don’t know.

Yep, it looks like they’re sitting deliberately destroying themselves, but they’re really not. But spirit operates by law. One of the laws is the law of vibration. Now we talk about the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, and we talk about it a lot where energy moves to and through instruments. It moves from a higher to a lower potential. We can direct it. We have that ability. So the spiritual part of you is the highest and, of course, the physical is the lowest. Now the spirit always manifests through the physical. How does it do that? Well, depends on the way we think. That’s the one point all great leaders have agreed on, all down through history. You become what you think about it.

We tap in, we go to thought, which is omnipresent. We pull the thought together and we build the idea. That idea if we hold it long enough, it will manifest with and through us because we are instruments of spirit. This is huge when you think of it, this is what we are an expression of.

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