The art of goal creation is truly a creative process. The definition of creation is the manipulation of energy.

You’re causing one type of energy to move to another type of energy. This energy may never have moved in that direction before … until you came along.

Goal creation involves certain progressive steps in the energetic process. Some of these steps require the use of your higher mental faculties.

These faculties, when properly employed, bring you into harmony with the natural laws of the universe. If you miss any of these progressive steps, nothing happens.

That’s where 97% of the population lives – in that “nothing happens” space.

Watch this video for a peek inside this exclusive Art of Goal Creation half-day session that Bob and Sandy taught during our recent Paradigm Shift event in Los Angeles. Put your thinking cap on for this one and keep a pen and paper handy to write down any ideas that occur to you as you listen to this powerful information and allow yourself to become laser focused on your goal.

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