You are programmed. You are definitely programmed to play it safe. You are. Most people my age, they’re programmed to take it easy. Just take it easy. You’ve worked hard. You deserve to just take it easy. That’s a bunch of nonsense. What would you want to take an easy for? It’s nowhere near as much fun as creating.

I’ve often thought when I’m in Amsterdam I like to go to the museum and see Rembrandt’s work “The Nightwatch.” It’s one of the most magnificent pieces of art that you’ll ever see.
I was listening one time to an art critic. He was being interviewed and they said, “Well, how do you determine a masterpiece of art?”

He said, “Every part of it’s perfect.” This stuck in my mind. Every part of it. The dog’s eyes, there’s a little black and white dog, it’s eyes are perfect. The fingernails are perfect, every part of it. Yet you sit and it’s so incredible. It has a hypnotic effect on you, can’t take your eyes off it.

I thought, “I wonder how he must’ve felt when he felt it was finished? I wonder if he ever felt it was finished?” I’ve often thought artists must think they’re never finished. Little shadow here, a little shadow there. It’s those kind of things that we want to attempt to keep in our mind, whenever we’re doing what we’re doing. Every little part of it is very important, whether it’s the knuckle or the nostril. It’s very important.

Yet, you’ve got to be gutsy. Your age, your gender’s got nothing to do with it. Do you see, we’re programmed to earn and put away enough that when we get to a certain age, nobody’s ever figured out what the certain age was, and then you can take it easy. You don’t have to work anymore. See, it’s obvious that we’re programmed to think that we’re made for working. We’re not made for working, we’re made for creating. We’re creative, we’re made different than any other form of life. We’ve been endowed with faculties that blow your mind when you think you and it’s within us. We’ve got it. Yet just do ordinary, what everybody out there’s doing. The doorman or the salad chef or something. We’re never going to live up to our potential.

Let’s learn to give a little more. Let’s learn to read a little more. Let’s learn to think a little more. Let’s learn to stretch.

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