When something happens, we must understand this whole universe operates by law and at times like this, you may have a difficult time believing that, but nevertheless, it’s true.

I think Warner Von Braun put it very well. He said, the natural laws of this universe are so precise that we don’t have any difficulty building spaceships, sending people to the moon and you can time the landing by the precision of a fraction of a second. He also said that after studying the spectacular mysteries of the cosmos for his whole life, he come to the firm belief in the existence of God.

The law is God’s modus operandi. It’s how everything happens. Well, one of the laws is the law of opposites (Law of Polarity). That law decrees if it’s a short way up onto this desk, it’s only a short way down. If it’s a long way up, it’s a long way down. If something’s very bad, the opposite side of it, it’s very good. It’s equal and opposite.

There’s something very good going to come out of this. Now, we may not see it in our lifetime. Then again, we might. But something good will come out of it.

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