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Everything in this Universe, including you, boils down to energy, frequencies, and vibrations.

And within this Universe, there are seven major Universal Laws or Principles that explain how energy, frequencies, and vibrations “work.” These laws, which are as real as the law of physics, dictate “the rules to the Game of Life” and how to consciously create the life we want.

1. The Law of Attraction or Vibration

To understand the Law of Attraction, let’s first understand its underlying counterpart, the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration decrees that everything moves, or vibrates, nothing rests. Everything ever created, from the smallest atomic particle to the largest skyscraper, is in a constant state of energetic motion.

Now, the thoughts you think and internalize (get emotionally involved with) are in control of the VIBRATION you’re in. As you become conscious of this vibration, you refer to it as how you are “FEELING.”

There is a connection between your FEELINGS, what you ATTRACT to yourself, and the RESULTS you get in your life. The vibration, or feeling, you are in leads to the actions you take, and your actions create the results you experience in life.

When you understand the Law of Attraction, instead of allowing the outside world to dictate what you think and how you feel inside, you start to live from the inside out by choosing and focusing on thoughts that align with what you want. This causes changes in your vibrational field to attract or create the results you seek in life.

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