So far as we know, Vampires do not exist but what about “Energy Vampires”?

These camouflaged creatures of the night (and day) roam the land in search of sustenance.

What do they crave?

Blood??? No…

Candy?? Sometimes.

Mental Energy? Bingo. All of it. From anyone they encounter.

In the spirit of Halloween, our puppet friends #PerryDigm and #TerriBarrier are back again to teach a satirical yet valuable lesson about why it’s crucial to keep your vibrational sphere clear of those who would seek to compromise your energy flow – albeit consciously or unconsciously.

We hope this “spooky” episode will give you a laugh as we make light of this subject but also make you think for a moment about the people you mix with. If you are on a path of personal growth, it’s so very important to surround yourself with like-minded people who will contribute to your positive mental atmosphere and spend less time with those who do not.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at The Proctor Gallagher Institute!

“The Comfort Zone” A Proctor Gallagher Parody

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