Have you any idea the number of people that are in a prison of their own making and don’t even know it? You know people like that, they live in a tiny little place. Good information is given to them, they seem to reject it. I don’t think mentally, they just outright reject it, they just don’t do it. So they stay stuck and they’re stuck in a place they don’t like, why would they do that? The paradigm is so strong and it affects the image so much that the person really doesn’t believe that they could do that, be that good. But the truth is you can, and as you alter the awareness, everything in your life starts to change. How do I expand my level of awareness?

Well, here’s your answer, its effective education combined with professional coaching over a reasonable period of time will eliminate virus code and expand the person’s level of awareness. I believe the only way to do this is study. I don’t think there is another way. Now, there’s all kinds of forms of study, but it’s essential that you study.

We say it’s a sad thing when you see a child that’s afraid of the dark, I’ll tell you something a lot sadder is when you see an adult that’s afraid of the light. Money you can get back, time you’re never going to get back. The time you spend here you will never ever get it back. You’re trading your time for what? Think, spirits always for expansion and fuller expression, it’s always for expansion, polar expression. There’s something within you if you get in touch with it, that wants to expand and express itself in a greater way. If you check your results, you’ll know how well you’re doing it. If you don’t like your results, you should have a real good talk to you.

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