Gratitude can transform any situation. It can pull us from the vortex of fear and negativity that is sucking the life out of us and give us a renewed sense of hope, faith, and joy.

Many people struggle with their gratitude practice. They treat it as an intellectual exercise where they write the same things down every day. So, they don’t receive the greatest benefits of practicing gratitude.

If you haven’t noticed a positive shift in your life from writing down what you’re grateful for, here are 30 ways to supercharge your gratitude practice:

1. Appreciate something you see in nature. Take a few moments to notice the majesty of nature. The strength of the mountain. The miracle of a single flower. The beauty and resiliency of a tree. When you appreciate nature, you feel awe and joy and are whole again.

2. Think of three wonderful teachers you’ve had. Even if you can’t remember their names, you had teachers and mentors who have made your life significantly better. People who taught you how to read or made you feel smart and capable or encouraged you to pursue a dream.

3. Remember three of the best days of your life. Most people immediately think of big milestone events, such as the days their children were born or the day they got married. Go beyond the obvious days to the “ordinary” days that were quite extraordinary: days spent with family and friends, doing enjoyable, yet average things, or a day you launched a business or got a new job or puppy.

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