I believe when a person sets a goal to get something they know they can get, they have sold themselves short, because I think the picture in their mind of what they want coming through their mind, but they don’t grasp it, they don’t grab a hold of it because they don’t know how to get it. And it’s so automatic when we don’t know how to get it to let it go. We’ve been trained to do that since we were little kids. We would go, “Mommy, daddy, I want …” “You always want things. How are you going to get that? Now, just forget it. You always want.” Parents should be hoping they do all we want. They stop wanting, you start dying.

But the parent’s saying, “How are you going to get it?” The kid doesn’t know how to get it, and so they forget it. “Mommy, daddy, I want …” “How are you going to get that?” They don’t know, so they forget it. But you do that just a few times and the kid becomes a grownup and she stops thinking of what she really wants, and she starts to settle. Or he stops thinking of what he wants, and he starts to set. Settling is a bad deal. That is a bad deal that you’re cutting with yourself. Don’t do it. Don’t settle.

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