Visioneering is based on universal laws, so it’s as effective today as it was 100 years ago. And it will be just as effective 100 years from now.

Start using visioneering today to create something you want. As you practice, keep the answers to the following common questions in mind:

What viewpoint should I use?

When you are creating the vision of what you want, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking at yourself or you are seeing the scenario through your own eyes. Either way will work fine.

However, it is critical that you view things as if your dream has already taken place. Like you already have the good that you desire.

What if I can’t see images in my mind?

No problem. If you have trouble creating an image, create a written statement of your desire including as much detail as you can from all of your senses. Be specific about what you want to be, do or have.

Remember, visioneering is not only visual – experiencing strong positive feelings and emotions can be an even more powerful element of the creative process.

What else can I do to increase my odds of success?

• Don’t worry about how you’ll manifest your desire. Most people fail because they get overwhelmed with thinking they have to figure out how they will get what they want.

Once you’ve implanted and nurtured the image, the Universe will deliver the pieces of the plan in response to your effort. So there’s no need to be concerned with how it’s going to happen. Just prepare yourself to receive by being aware of new impulsive ideas, opportunities and events.

• Act on the thoughts and ideas that come to you. When synchronistic events occur, such as being in the right place or with the right people to move you closer to your dream, don’t ignore or dismiss the opportunities. Act on them.

• Practice monitoring your thoughts. Repetitive thoughts always serve to attract their equivalent from the Universe. So even when you are not actively practicing visioneering, be aware of your thoughts and immediately dismiss all that are negative.

Visioneering always works with persistence, strong desire and action. So remember, use this process to get it working in your favor:

1. Create a vision (or a detailed idea) of what you want in your imagination.

2. Use your will to hold on to the image.

3. Conjure up the feelings you would have if you already had your desire.

When you start to see positive changes occurring, remember the power you’re using was always there. And as you become more effective and efficient with visioneering, share it with others.

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