Make a decision right now that you will leave every person that you encounter with the impression of increase. Then, start saying things to people that make them feel good about themselves.

It may feel awkward at first. However, it will get easier because there is so much good about every person. And if you look for it, you’re going to see it.

And when you do see it, do you know what you’re going to see?

A reflection of the good that’s in you.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Here are seven things you can start saying or doing to convey the impression of increase to others:

  • Give them genuine compliments.
  • Ask questions about them and listen to their answers.
  • Point out their accomplishments.
  • Smile as much as possible and use their name.
  • Acknowledge their effort.
  • Point out how kind they are.
  • Pay attention to and acknowledge the little things they do.

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