Bob Proctor explains what the PGI Entrepreneurial Marketplace is and the benefits it can have on your life, your business and your relationships.
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The PGI Marketplace is new and innovative, and it fills an enormous need. A need for individuals, businesses, and brands to be able to connect and grow through meaningful and productive networking and masterminding with people that are on an equally exciting and forward moving journey.

Members work in a harmonious vibration to create the energy that fuels their businesses. Imagine, just imagine, how extraordinary it will be to connect with like-minded individuals all over the globe.

Think about this… highly successful individuals stay connected to other successful and confident individuals who are moving at the same speed toward their goal as you are toward yours.

Strange and marvelous things are continually happening in the PGI Marketplace.

You’ll be able to connect with people who are on the same or higher frequency of thought every day.

Being exposed to high-vibration individuals with unique and powerful ideas can level up your energy and continually open your mind easier and faster ways to reach your goals.

You’ll have the unique ability to build your personal brand and gain visibility in front of people that are actively growing, stretching and thinking big – just like you – people in the PGI network. A network with very warm, pre-qualified, leads for you and your business!

You’ll have a searchable business page with an overview of your business. The ability to host events and webinars, and notify up to 25 other members directly of the event. And you’ll have access to a list of nearly all the businesses fueled by PGI teachings – with the ability to provide offers of value to those businesses.

PGI is in a beautiful prosperous growth pattern and has been for a few years.

Sandy and Bob are continually connecting to some of the most success-oriented individuals in the world.

We are setting up affiliates, joint ventures, and relationships on a regular basis. This same path will assist you in setting up Multiple Sources of Income.

In over 50 years in this business, the Marketplace is without question the best idea that Bob has ever come across. This will do more for you as our client than anything we have ever offered because it is continuous. It has no finish line.

It’s a must – for you and your business!

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