I believe we all down deep want to think positive constructive growth ideas and those thoughts inspire us and cause us to move toward greater goodness in all areas in our life.

Every now and then we come across a rough part of the road that we’re traveling and we have a tendency to let the rough road dominate out thinking which isn’t really always the best thing to do and we don’t let that control us because we know that pretty soon the road will be smooth again and we’re traveling in the direction we want.

No one can cause you to think something you don’t want to think. conditions and circumstances can never be changed but we’re aware that we can control how we respond to them. We’re in control of our thinking our feeling our actions in our life.

There’s a dynamic in you that wants to express itself in a greater way. That’s why if we run we ant to run faster. If we jump we want to jump higher. If we sell we want to sell more. We always want to do greater work. That is the nature of our being. The universe is always for expansion and fuller expression.

I’m going to share a few ideas with you that I have been using myself for the past six decades that have helped me move my mind into a very positive place. Into a calming place.

This recording has been designed for you to take and go and sit in a very comfortable chair or possibly just lay down and take a little trip. We’re going to put our mind into a beautiful, calm vibration. And by doing this with some regularity, we will find that we can go along with a pretty good attitude most of the time. And if you will take this recording and go on that little marvelous mental journey with me, you’re going to start to enjoy more of life. So let’s begin.

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Music by Bruce and Brian BecVar
The Magic of Healing Music
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