This is how you attract the person you want into your life. Now, you take a sheet of paper or card and you put a circle on it. And in that circle you write, my man or my woman, whichever it is you want to attract. And then you take and you put sort of a starburst on it with a bunch of lines coming out. And then you start to fill in. And here you want the kind of person you want, the qualities that you want to have. And the first thing you want, you want that person to be free because if they’re not, you’re not going to be. And as well as that, you also want the person to be happy. Who wants to be with a sad face all the time? You want to attract a kind person. You want somebody that’s kind, you want somebody that’s caring.

Now you think of all these things you think of, what do I want the person to be like? Well, you want them to have these qualities and understand this, you do not put a face on the person. Oh, I know, you’ve got eye on somebody. You have no right to mess with their mind and that’s what you would be doing. You’d be transmitting images to them. Now, you just send this to the universe. Now, I’m going to tell you what it’ll happen before we’re finished here. You got to go back and you keep thinking of the qualities. You want them to be in good health. You want somebody who’s financially independent and there’s no hangups about money. You want somebody that’s into personal growth. If you’re into personal growth, you certainly want them to be. Now, this seems preposterous to some people, but if you understand the law, understand that we’re all an expression of exactly the same power and this power operates by law, vibration is one of the laws.

Now, vibration is the primary law, attraction’s the secondary. You can only attract to you what you’re in harmonious vibration with. Just keep adding the qualities, everything you want this person to have. And then mentally you start to live with this person. Don’t tell anybody you’re doing it. You go for a walk with them, you talk to them, you have dinner with them and you mentally carry on a conversation with this imaginary person. Now, what are you doing? When you’re thinking of a person with all these qualities and you see that in your mind, you’re putting yourself in that vibration and you keep doing this and you do it on a regular basis and understand the universe is going to send you exactly what you’re in harmony with.

If you’re attracting what you don’t want, you better take a look at you because you’re the only person who can change, you can never change another person. Now, you do this, you make love to this person, you go for a walk, you have dinner with them, everything that you would be doing, you do with this individual and you’re going to find that that person, boom, walk right into your life. Try it. You’ll like it.

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