Increasing Your Income Through MSIs

MSI Technology

By Bob Proctor

Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) is a technology that will permit you to multiply your present income by providing service beyond that which you are presently providing at your primary source of income. ADDITIONAL SERVICE – ADDITIONAL INCOME.

Through MSI Technology you will earn many times what you are presently earning at your primary source of income.

MSI is a concept that has been adopted by virtually all wealthy people.

Multiple Sources of Income is exactly what it says it is:


MSI is not another JOB.

MSI is not a better JOB.

MSI is not even a JOB.

MSIs are a way of adding a new dimension of excitement and fun to your everyday life, while you are becoming very wealthy.

An MSI is an idea with which you are in harmony.

An MSI is an idea that enables you to provide service to humanity in a lawful manner for which you will be fairly compensated. The compensation you receive from each MSI could be minimal or it could be millions of dollars per year.

An MSI should not interfere with, nor cause you to jeopardize your position at your primary source of income.

It’s been explained that an MSI (Multiple Source of Income) is not another job. In fact, it’s not even a job. It should be viewed as a source of income that is passive. Many people confuse creating an additional source of income for themselves as getting a part time job. Though that is one way of creating an additional source of income for yourself, it’s not one we recommend. Why? Because, you’re trading your time for money and eventually, you’ll run out of time.

Another important point to consider when you create MSIs is: you want to focus on creating “passive” sources of income as often as possible. By passive we mean that it shouldn’t take a lot of your time or energy … it’s just something that’s there, where you receive money on a regular basis because you contributed in some way or another. Granted, there may be an initial output of time and energy to get it started and it may or may not be extensive, depending on the MSI. But, after that start up phase, it’s considered mailbox money or earning money while you sleep.

Here are some examples of MSIs that we’re aware of … we know you’ll come up with your own too!

  • write a book, song, play, movie script
  • publish a book that is available under public domain
  • join a network marketing company – every person in your downline is an MSI!
  • produce a series of audios/CDs for your given field
  • invent something
  • intellectual property (give your idea to someone else to take to market and receive a royalty)
  • real estate investing
  • back end sales (ie. referral fees – real estate agents recommend “home improvements” to their clients and receive a referral fee from the vendor to whom they refer their client)
  • web based affiliate programs (they’re all over the place)
  • facilitate/market something for someone else get an insurance or securities license (residual income)
  • franchise something
  • rent your mailing list for a fee

You can get really creative with MSIs. If you’re an independent contractor – let’s say you’re a graphic artist … you could create a piece of artwork (maybe a book cover) and instead of charging your regular fee up front for the design, opt to take a percentage of the total sales and offer to design it for no upfront fees. You’ll more than recoup your investment of time … and it will be money that keeps coming to you as long as the person keeps selling their book.

Begin developing MSIs.
Set an immediate goal to have 15.
Fill in the spaces provided and make this your Wheel
of Fortune


If a person advances confidently in the direction of their dream and endeavors to live the life they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

– Thoreau


Never look at the visible supply; always look at the limitless riches in the formless substance and know that they are coming to you as fast as you can receive and use them. Nobody, by cornering the visible supply, can prevent you from getting what is yours.

– Wallace D. Wattles