The Perfect Way to Start and Run a Business

Live the dream while minimizing your risks and maximizing your success.

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If you’re ready to discover who you are

and what is possible for you, this unique program gives you everything you need to get started, grow, and succeed over the long haul.

Starting a business is easy. You can do it in a day.

Chances are high, though, the business will fail.

However, starting a business that lasts and fulfills your goals and dreams is a lot harder, even if you’re passionate about it and put all your time and money into it.

But what if…

Much of the time, effort, and resources you would need to start a business like that was already done and packaged for you.

And what if…

The business was in a growing industry.

You received a product that has not only already helped thousands of people around the world reach their goals and dreams, but it allowed you to reach yours too.

You were provided the tools, systems and website you need to launch, build and grow your business.

You were trained by a legendary teacher every step of the way.

You could keep your job for as long as you want, have a second business, or develop multiple sources of income.

Are you starting to see how that would significantly increase your chances of long-term success and happiness as a business owner?

What Do You Really Want to Do with Your Life?

You may have thought about starting a business before, but you’re stuck, you tried but failed or didn’t follow through, or you never acted on it at all.

Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner.

Here are three signs that you are not cut out for this lifestyle:


You prefer following orders.

The world is made of followers and leaders.

Which one do you want to be?

If you’re content with following through on someone else’s orders for the rest of your life, this opportunity is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you feel a twitch that you have more to give and have a desire to help others and improve your life, that may be the spark of wanting to do your own thing.


You prefer working to fulfill someone else’s dream.

You’re passionate about your job, and you may be happy pouring your life and hard work into someone else’s dream.

And that’s fine. Many people find true fulfillment nurturing someone else’s dream.

However, if you have your own dreams, perhaps it’s time for you to stop working so hard to fulfill someone else’s and start moving toward your own.


You see your world and the world as whole as being just fine.

How do you view the world around you?

Is everything fine, or are there a few things that could use improving? Or do you see things in your life that need improving?

Do you have a desire to lift the human race?

If you want more and better for yourself, your loved ones and others, you may have what it takes to succeed as a business owner.

Whatever it is that you want for your life, don’t let anything get in your way of living out your dream.

If you’d like to own a business, but you’re afraid you’re not cut out for it, the beauty of this is that the skills you need to succeed in this business are teachable.

Business ownership isn’t a you-got-it-or-you-don’t proposition. You can cultivate the necessary qualities through sheer will, habit and desire.

Bob Proctor often said that if someone had told him he would own a business years ago, he would have laughed. Today his company does business all over the world.

If you’re serious about becoming a business owner, and you’re passionate about helping people, we urge you to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Please fill out the form to speak with one of our coaches for a laser coaching session and discover if this program is a good fit for you.

What’s Possible for Your Life

Can you see yourself living the life of your dreams, enjoying prosperity and leaving your mark on the world?

We hope so because…

You CAN have it all… sooner than you think.

You see, Bob Proctor studied how to make people happier, healthier, and more successful in life for over half a century.

Several years ago, Bob and his business partner Sandy Gallagher developed a proven system that makes working and succeeding in this industry easier than ever before.

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    Set and achieve any goal you really want

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    Facilitate this information for others so they can do the same

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    Launch and run a successful business that improves people’s lives


  • I am interested in owning and running my own business
  • I am passionate about helping others
  • I am willing and able to invest the time and money required to run my own business

Please fill out the form to speak with one of our coaches for a laser coaching session and discover if this program is a good fit for you.

Bob Proctor was the foremost authority in the personal and professional development field for more than half a century. He dedicated his adult life to helping a world of individuals realize and act on the greatness they already possess within themselves. He was widely regarded as the grandfather of personal development, and when it comes to mastering the mind – he was simply the best.

After meeting Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, an esteemed banking attorney, created Thinking Into Results – the most powerful corporate and personal transformational program of its kind. Sandy is now the Co-Founder and CEO of Proctor Gallagher. She is a genius businesswoman and visioneering expert committed to improving the conscious awareness of the entire world, one individual at a time.