The accumulation of great fortune calls for power.
Your success depends on the power you acquire…


The PGI Mastermind Spawns All the Power You Need to

Transform Your Economy

Regardless of present circumstances, you are fully capable of creating an economy that is desirable for you and your loved ones.

You can accumulate a substantial amount of money ANYTIME YOU WANT as long as you have one essential thing…


Because having a desire is inert without sufficient power to translate it into action.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill said power is an organized effort sufficient to enable an individual to transmute a desire into its physical equivalent.

In other words, power is two or more people working together toward a specific end in a spirit of harmony.

You Don’t Need the Knowledge,

You Need the Power

Andrew Carnegie, who was the world’s wealthiest man in the early 1900s, said:

The accumulation of great fortune calls for power, and power requires highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge. But that knowledge doesn’t have to be in possession of the person who accumulates the fortune.

Carnegie was a steel magnate, yet he didn’t know much about steel. He did, however, surround himself with people that had the knowledge he needed to accomplish his goals and objectives.

When two or more people come together to work on one idea, such as increasing prosperity, the results are astounding. Each person’s energy, knowledge, and awareness expands.

The beautiful thing about it is when people work together in this way, it raises every person’s vibration, and everyone surges ahead with new ideas. In this case, it would be ideas that build wealth.

This Mastermind principle was the foundation of all of Carnegie’s success. Of course,
he isn’t the only one.

In fact, one thing every successful person has in common – whether from Carnegie’s day or modern times – they all credit Masterminds as being a core foundation of their success.


A Mastermind always works toward one specific end.
The end for the PGI Mastermind is to improve your personal economy. Here are three reasons why Bob Proctor choose this objective:

Money will have a greater influence on your life than almost any other commodity you can think of.

Everyone can benefit from more knowledge, solutions, and an optimistic and energetic attitude about earning money.

Even though many people have slowed down, there are countless opportunities to start or continue to accumulate a fortune right now.

Becoming a Mastermind with PGI will help you alter your financial outlook because…

  • You will no longer be an individual; you will become one with a group of successful people that is focused on the same thing you are.
  • The combined intelligence of the Mastermind creates a wisdom far beyond your own.
  • You will more easily create life-changing results in your life when you’re open to looking at things—at yourself, your problems, your opportunities—from another’s point of view.
  • You will engage in critical thinking about different scenarios and strategies for building wealth.
  • Everyone who has accumulated a fortune has either consciously or unconsciously employed the mastermind principle.
  • You will be open to accepting new possibilities you may have never known heard of
    or considered before.
  • You will be more powerful when you have others helping you.

So, the question that you must answer is…

Are you ready to tap into universal energy by hooking your mind to others and build the personal economy you’ve dreamed of?

You’re Invited to Get in Sync with a

Master of Masterminding

and Other Wealthy Minds

Bob Proctor is a master at Masterminding. Like Andrew Carnegie, Bob credits Masterminding for much of his success—from the global business he has built to attracting the right people for his team.

Bob has been involved with several Mastermind groups over the years,

And now, for two hours every week for ten weeks, you can join their Mastermind as they show you how to create the life YOU want by personalizing your economy.

Imagine the power you’d have if your mind were in sync with a group of brilliant minds that are all working toward revolutionizing each other’s finances.

Imagine getting on the same frequency as Bob Proctor and becoming one with a group where everyone is focused on the same thing.

Imagine that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your current circumstances are, you can immerse yourself in a high-frequency environment that automatically makes you feel better, think better, and attract things you’ve never dreamed of.

That’s the power of the Mastermind. Like Bob, if you’re Masterminding, you are going to win!


When you Mastermind, you put yourself in a high vibration where you are able to create something you could produce in no other way.

Anyone can wish for riches, and most people do. But few acquire the power they need to turn their wish into their reality.

And while many people have heard or read about Masterminding, not many people consciously do it.

And even fewer get to Mastermind with Bob Proctor.
This unique opportunity will be limited to a small, elite group. Many of the spaces are already filled, so act fast.

You don’t want to miss this special opportunity to become a Mastermind with Master Thinkers.

Decide today, and your financial picture could look much bigger and brighter just 12 months from now.