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for the next 120 days, you will see improvement in every area of your life. We’re betting you’re about to shock yourself. You’ll be accomplishing what you’ve only dreamed of in the past.

“Strange and marvelous things will begin to happen with constant regularity when you make the ideas a part of your way of thinking, a part of your way of life.”

-Earl Nightingale

“Many years ago, with no formal education and no business experience, I was in a bad place – but I read what Earl said, I kept reading it and ultimately I started believing it and then I did it. My income went from $4,000 a year to $15,000 a month – do the numbers, I multiplied it by 43.75 times in one year, in under five years it went over a million. I was learning the basic truth about earning money. Get involved in this program, I’m explaining what I learned and exactly what I did.”

-Bob Proctor

what do you really want?


This coaching program will help you understand why ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, why individuals with no formal education and no business experience become wealthy. Bob Proctor was an excellent example. And in this coaching program, you’ll understand how this happens.

“I will remind you every day of how creative and powerful you are. First you’ll believe it, then you’ll do it. You’ll MASTER a set of tools and principles that will CHANGE your life for the BETTER. If you’re like me you’ll still be using these principles to accomplish your dreams 50 years from now.”

– Bob Proctor

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    Waking up knowing there’s more money in your bank account than you need, and all bills are paid to date.
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    Having both the time and freedom to do the things you actually WANT to do.
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    Spending every day doing something of REAL value.
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    Creating thriving relationships that go well beyond the surface we’re so accustomed to.
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    Living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

You don’t have to JUST IMAGINE – this doesn’t have to be a place only in your dreams.

Keep reading, it gets better!


“Known as America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher” (July 1934 – February 2022)

*Bob studied and taught the work of Earl Nightingale for more than 50 years.


“Master of Visoneering and Financial Genius”

*Bob Proctor’s business partner, she has studied with him for the past 12 years.


“Master of Visoneering and Financial Genius”

*Bob Proctor’s business partner, she has studied with him for the past 12 years.


“Dean of Personal Development” (March 1921 – March 1989)

*Was the most listened to man in the history of the broadcasting industry.

These 3 Individuals Don’t Just Share a Wealth of Knowledge, They Know How to Get Results – and Now You Will Too

They bring you the most complete, powerful and life-enhancing coaching program – EVER – covering topics including:

The only thing that will bring you more joy and success in life than any other.

How EASY it is to ‘win’ and live the life you really want.

Matching your true worth with your reality – a really rich reality in more ways than one!

. . . through this program you’ll be enlightened to a new way of thinking and approaching life that will bring you all the wealth, health and happiness you’re willing to choose for yourself.

In this New Lead the Field Coaching Program, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher assist you in expanding your level of awareness by sharing the ancient truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in this award-winning personal development series of recordings.

They explain how and why universal laws govern your life. Your success is going to accelerate as you expose yourself to 12 mind-expanding, life-enhancing, explosive and relevant segments.


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Within 15 minutes of you registering for this coaching, the first segment of the program will be in your inbox.


There are a total of 12 Lessons covered in this dynamic 120-day coaching program. That includes 12 audios, 24 videos and a complete action planner. Every ten days, you’ll receive a printed lesson from your action planner, the lesson itself in audio accompanied with a video, and then 5 days later, another video to take you even deeper on that lesson so you get the absolute most from it.


You’re also invited to attend 4 enlightening question and answer sessions with Sandy or someone who was personally mentored by Bob to make sure your important questions are answered and you keep moving forward!


Now it’s your turn to bring positive changes to your own life, changes that will allow you to lead the field yourself!

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