Results That Stick

Tradition meets relevance.

Bob Proctor began teaching this material through his books, programs, seminars and one-on-one coaching almost 44 years ago.

Sandy Gallagher joined Bob as the President and CEO of his 19-company enterprise in 2009.

Almost 5 years later it’s time to combine tradition with relevance. We are living in a social and digital world. A world where 40% of our community will only be reading our emails and visiting our websites on a mobile device.

We knew we needed to make some big changes in order to stay relevant, and continue to serve our community at the high level they’d come accustom to … and that meant changing, updating and upgrading everything from font, to logos, to our website, to software, our company name and EVERYTHING in between.

Bob felt it important to acknowledge and recognize Sandy for her continued contribution, in so many ways, to the company by making her a founder and adding her to the new company name – The Proctor Gallagher Institute.

We truly believe our updated and improved company will deliver the tradition you’ve come to love and a new relevancy and convenience you crave.