After studying the self-development industry for about two years. Said decided to attend three live events—one in 2017, another in 2018, and the final one in 2019. As a result, many positive changes happened in Said’s personal and professional life. So, he decided to help others by sharing the same information that transformed his life.

Said realizes that, like him, many people suffer when they don’t have to. Even though they can have far better results, they don’t know how to do it, so they settle. Taking action and following his purpose is freeing, and being able to help others get to a level of success in every aspect of their life is a gift for Said.

In 2019, Said decided to run every day for one year straight because he knew if you can accomplish one goal, you can achieve any goal. He loves to exercise and take bike rides with his teenage boys. Spending time with his family is a priority and giving back is something he deeply desires.

This program is designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts necessary to create a thriving life. You can look forward to understanding the Universal Laws (and how they apply to you), understanding your mind and how to use it to create what you want, an improved self-image, plus the accountability to make your goals happen. With rigorous application of these principles and coaching, each participant will experience incredible results in all areas of their lives.

The Proctor Gallagher Consultant Certification is a business opportunity for you to join the Personal Development Industry with the training and content that sets you up for instant and lasting success. There is an ongoing training designed to teach you not only how to facilitate this information, but how to launch and run a successful business. Join Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and their team as you apply these principles to your own life and also create a business teaching others to do the same.

The Inner Circle is about being part of a community that has a strong eagerness to succeed in all, not just some, areas of life. You will not only have access to Bob Proctor, but you can also mastermind, brainstorm and associate with other members of the Inner Circle who live all around the world.

In this six-month Masterclass, Bob Proctor will dive deep into each of the chapters of the international best seller You Were Born Rich. This is the first time Bob has ever had a masterclass on this subject where you can study with him for six months on a weekly basis. Your ability to create wealth in every area of your life is going to accelerate as you gain new and deeper insights on the principles and ideas in You Were Born Rich with Bob every week.