September 13-17
11:00 am eastern


Register now and join us for Five Steps to Achieve Mega Goals Best of Bob Proctor . This will be the first time Bob has ever taught the steps that he and the Proctor Gallagher Institute follow to achieve one worthy goal after another. When you understand and follow these steps to the letter, you can achieve tremendous prosperity and success.

The purpose of a goal is to grow, bring more of you to the surface, and realize more of your potential. If a goal doesn’t excite and scare you at the same time, it’s probably too small. In 1961, Bob Proctor set and pursued the first goal that he believed was far beyond his reach. It created so many remarkable changes in his life that Bob has been setting and reaching huge goals ever since, including creating a business that operates all over the world.

Bob has studied the laws of success for more than 50 years and estimates that 95 percent of people aren’t as successful as they’d like because they don’t set the right goals.