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Did you know everything in life is a mind game?

More importantly, did you know that everything you want, and everything you don’t want, are merely a few thoughts away at all times?

Most importantly, are you living your life and playing the ‘mind game’ accordingly? Listen to these 5 audios on Persistence, Confidence, Action, Goals and Attitude to fully understand the 5 PRINCIPLES for Winning THE MIND GAME.



 Persistence is to the human character what carbon is to steel. With Bob’s help, you’ll recognize the aspects and traits of persistence in others, and begin to incorporate its simple concepts in your own life for lasting, even phenomenal, success.



You know what you want. With confidence, you also know how to get it. Learn how to develop “strength with style” as Bob Proctor shows you how your own, innate ability can improve every single aspect of your life.



Here’s the trigger that will fire you into action. It contains the method for the effective expression of your mental images and is a powerful piece to creating lasting, genuine success.



 It’s all well and good to set goals, but even better when you know how to go about achieving them! Here, Bob Proctor shows you how to set goals for yourself that are truly worthy of your infinite potential (most people think too small). Then, he helps you narrow your focus on your priority goals and take the steps necessary to achieve one after the other.


 The magic word is attitude. Attitude is arguably the most important piece to any success puzzle and certainly a key you’ll want to master as you continue on your journey of personal and professional fulfillment and advancement.

Checkout what people have to say about Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute

  • Marcie Grant

    When love didn't seem to exist for me I changed my way of thinking as Bob suggests and made a list of all the attributes my ideal mate would have. A few weeks later, I met the love of my life and we got married a month ago. I am now a step mother to four great kids who bless me with their love and challenge me to see the world from new perspectives. I always wanted to design my own house and own it. A few months ago my family moved into my ideal house that my husband and I designed together. I now work at things I love to do and am filled with renewed energy and ideas. My health and fitness have improved as well because I am more confident and feel better about myself. I know now that whatever challenges life brings me, they are for my growth and the overall betterment of my existence and I don't fear them. I embrace them!

    Marcie Grant - Streaming Club Member
  • Teresa Rich

    The daily videos that Bob Proctor has delivered  for Six Minutes to Success has been life enhancing.  The videos have connected me with many other like minded individuals, who are striving with the same enthusiasm and passion in their life.  It has given me the confidence to not be afraid of rejection and to rise above all difficulties and to find miracles that occur in everyday life. Six Minutes to Success sets me up for the day, and props me up when I have those week moments.

    Teresa Rich - Six Minutes To Success Member
  • Praveen Agarwal

    Six Minutes to Success is a great program. It is a great way to start my day with a lesson from the Greatest Teacher I have come across - Bob Proctor. With these lessons I have learned to make use of my positive emotions and am on my way to getting rid of the negative emotions. Six Minutes is a great program for anyone wanting a positive change in their lives. I recommend the Premier Membership to everyone wanting to improve his life in a great way.

    Praveen Agarwal - Six Minutes To Success Member
  • Rene Beaulieu

    As a small business owner I have not found any better tool to help me get motivated and stay on track all day long. Six Minutes has helped me get better nightly rest as my mind wanders into the future possibilities as I contemplate the daily message. After more than two years of daily Six Minutes I can truly say I am a much more positive, energized and educated entrepreneur. This is truly one of the best success tools I have and continue to use on a daily basis.

    Rene Beaulieu - Six Minutes To Success Member
  • Peter Hurley

    Five months ago I would have never dreamed that I’d be here. But five months ago I entered the Bob Proctor Coaching Program … and now I’m doing my dream job … shooting the cast of LOST on location in Hawaii. It’s very exciting and it’s all come about because of what I’m learning in the coaching program.

    Peter Hurley - Bob Proctor Coaching Member
  • Chris Hudson

    Our Mastermind Group is still active after five years, in fact we had our latest call this morning. The group still includes Anette in Stockholm, (now an official Life Success coach), Karl-Erik in Finland, May in Singapore and myself here in Sheffield, England.

    We speak every second Sunday without fail and we are now truly like members of a family. The support and help we have given each other over these five years is incalculable and invaluable. Undoubtedly we hold true to and still practise what we learned five years ago on the year-long coaching program with Bob & continue to learn from our studies. If anyone asks "Does it work?" then tell them a resounding "yes" from Mastermind Group 47!

    Chris Hudson - Bob Proctor Coaching Member

Share the love!  Share Bob’s Free Gifts with your Friends!

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