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July 2015 Affirmation of the Month

I am so happy and grateful now that … I am confidently and authentically living my ...

The Commencement Curse

Millions of teenagers across the land are about to leave the womb of high school ...

You Were Born Rich

You Were Born Rich has been going strong for nearly 30 years. I am so ...

Realize Your Own Riches

I have been studying Thomas Troward’s writings for a very long time. I believe he ...



Courtland Beakley Jr

I would highly recommend the Six Minutes to Success program. I have been using it from the first day. It has been one of the best ways I have found to start my day. With the busy schedules we all have I have found it is sometimes hard to work in time to work on myself. And let's face it we often loose sight of the importance of working on ourselves with juggling family, children, jobs and the day to day chores. Working on ourselves get lost. In just Six Minutes I have found I have a new positive attitude to start the day with which makes everything go a little bit easier.

Courtland Beakley JrSix Minutes To Success Member
Magesh Gijare

Ever since I started my TIR journey with Bob, life seems more meaningful. I am charged up with energy and enthusiasm. I have become a much more positive person because am actively pursuing my goals and helping others.
I have become more effective at my day job. as I am focused on completing it as quickly as possible to work on studying my Thinking Into Results material and work with my clients.

Magesh GijareThinking Into Results Member
Maria Menicou

Bob Proctor¹s material literally transformed my life from night to day. Working with him and with Proctor Gallagher Institute moved me to the next level.
The shifting of energy and results were phenomenal, my confidence increase, self-image improved, I am a happier person, my relationships have improved & keep getting better, I developed techniques and awareness in working out the adversities with ease, my mind is more serene, my productivity levels had increase I had achieve things that I have though impossible and this in less than 10 months. My every day is keep getting better & better and I know this is just the very beginning of an exciting journey.
I am so grateful to Bob Proctor for every second he spends reaching people around the world like myself and shift our lives in such a positive and beautiful way.

Maria MenicouThinking Into Results Member

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