Accelerate the Creation of Wealth in Your Life

In this six-month Masterclass, Bob Proctor will dive deep into each of the chapters of the international best seller You Were Born Rich. This is the first time Bob has ever had a masterclass on this subject where you can study with him for six months on a weekly basis. Your ability to create wealth in every area of your life is going to accelerate as you gain new and deeper insights on the principles and ideas in You Were Born Rich with Bob every week.

Turn Thinking Into Results

The Proctor Gallagher Consultant Certification is a business opportunity for you to join the Personal Development Industry with the training and content that sets you up for instant and lasting success. There is an ongoing training designed to teach you not only how to facilitate this information, but how to launch and run a successful business. Join Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and their team as you apply these principles to your own life and also create a business teaching others to do the same. AND you can start right now.

Turning Your Wishlist Into Reality

The Bob Proctor Coaching Program is 12-months of interactive coaching designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts necessary to create a thriving life. You can look forward to understanding the Universal Laws (and how they apply to you), understanding your mind and how to use it to create what you want, an improved self-image, plus the accountability to make your goals happen.
This program is a strategically designed mix of education, accountability, and action to achieve the progressive realization of your dreams.

Break Away From Your Habitual Way of Living

In this 120-day New Lead the Field Coaching Program, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will assist you in expanding your level of awareness by sharing the ancient truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in the original, award-winning personal development series of recordings, Lead the Field. Your success is going to accelerate as you expose yourself to these 12 mind-expanding, life-enhancing, explosive and relevant segments.

The Secret To Think & Grow Rich Revealed

The Legacy begins! Consume your mind with the fundamentals that have created more millionaires and billionaires than any other piece of content worldwide. Bob Proctor has studied the 13 principles by Napoleon Hill from best selling book Think and Grow Rich over the course of 57+ years on a daily basis. Make these lessons your personal mentor on a daily basis to achieve overall success!

Where Wealth Is Created, Shared and Multiplied

We all know how important your Inner Circle of friends and confidants is to your success and happiness. Well, this is your chance to join Bob Proctor and a group of like-minded individuals in a powerhouse Inner Circle. Imagine what it will be like having access to ask Bob questions, learn from his experience, gain from his knowledge and intertwine your life with his – to improve and expand your life. Plus, having organized masterminding sessions with other people who are making it happen – and want to help you achieve your goals.


A Simple and Effective Daily Dose of Success.

Six Minutes to Success is a very special membership program where you’ll receive a short video in your inbox each and every morning. The video is designed to get you thinking and taking action throughout the day as you achieve your biggest and boldest goals. You’ll find that each morning the video you receive has just the message you’re needing at that particular time – and you’ll have access to a video library where you can browse specific topics.

Understand and Apply the Higher Side of Your Mind.

Magic In Your Mind is a 6-week coaching program where you’ll understand and apply the 6 mental faculties that can help you achieve ANYTHING you truly want in life. This coaching program is a perfect fit for beginners or the more seasoned student. Commit to six weeks of understanding the magic you have.

Jumpstart Your Success Right NOW!

The Streaming Club offers a systematic approach to building a better YOU and teaches you how to get exactly what it is you desire for your life. With weekly lessons on our MOST requested topics, live Q&A calls, access to our LIVE Stream events and a library of resources, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to manifest your best life ever.

Proctor Gallagher Books And Products

You were born rich

This book will help you really gain an appreciation of the deep reservoirs of power you have locked up within you, and the very fine line that separates the winners from the losers in life.


In The ABCs of Success, Proctor goes beyond the simple laws of success and attraction, weighing in on sixty-seven different topics essential to all those who wish to make their dreams a reality, including persistence, winning, effectiveness, and vision.


Narrated by: Bob Proctor , Sandra Gallagher – In The ABCs of Success, Proctor goes beyond the simple laws of success and attraction, weighing in on sixty-seven different topics essential to all those who wish to make their dreams a reality, including persistence, winning, effectiveness, and vision.


In The Art Of Living you will understand why we need to unlearn most of the false beliefs we’ve been indoctrinated with our whole lives, and how our intellects have the ability not only to put us ahead in life, but also to be our biggest detriment.


The valuable-and simple-lesson contained in this book is that the best way to attract prosperity is to abandon the pursuit of wealth and allow it to flow toward you.


When things happen in your life, you can either react or respond. In a split second, you can go from a place of anger, frustration and fear to experiencing a sense of calm and a knowingness that all is well. Carrying this medallion with you will help you make this switch.

Up Down Inside Out Coins

This coin beautifully illustrates the universal wealth (or success) strategy which is based on understanding and aligning with universal laws. When you work from the upside down (spiritual level to the physical level) and from the inside out, what you want will move into form.


This coin will be a physical tool to keep you aligned with the goals and dreams you have set for yourself.

Coin Bundle

This is a bundle of all three of the coins we offer. You will receive 1 Goals Coin, 1 Up/Down Coin and 1 React Respond Coin.

Science of Getting Rich

Bob Proctor is reintroducing the wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles to the world. After studying The Science of Getting Rich for over a quarter century he has developed a complete wealth creation program based on the contents of this book. The book is a practical manual, not a treatise on theories. It is intended for men and women whose most pressing need is for money – for people who wish to get rich first and philosophize afterward. It is for those who have, so far, found neither the time, the means nor the opportunity to go deeply into the study of metaphysics. It is intended for those who want results and who are willing to take the conclusions of science as a basis for action! Here’s how Bob Proctor explains his initial discovery of “The Little Green Book:” “In 1969 I was sitting in Lloyd Conant’s kitchen. Lloyd told me someone gave him a “Little Green Book.” He went on to explain that he read and re-read it all weekend. Lloyd said he was so enlightened and inspired by what he read that he made a decision to build a world class corporation. (Now, in retrospect, I personally feel the Nightingale-Conant Corporation stands today as a monument to Lloyd Conant’s decision and the wisdom he gained from The Science of Getting Rich.) “Lloyd gave me a copy of this”Little Green Book,” and its contents have served as a foundation for every course of instruction I have ever written … courses that have helped corporations worldwide improve their sales by hundreds of millions of dollars.” Now you can shower your mind with the same core concepts that Bob Proctor has studied for years. “The Science of Getting Rich is only a half inch thick but it is ten miles deep.” There are 17 powerful chapters in this book, all of which clearly explain how the riches you receive will be in direct proportion to the definiteness of your VISION, the firmness of your PURPOSE, the steadiness of your FAITH and the depth of your GRATITUDE.