MSI is Multiple Sources of Income. It’s also called “multiple streams of income.”

Having MSI is the same idea as diversifying your investment portfolio. That way when one income stream suffers, the others make up for it. And if none of them are suffering, then you’re making a lot of money.

You should not look at MSI as getting another job. Always view it as passive sources of income.


Because if you get a second or third job, you’ll have to trade your time for money, and eventually you’ll run out of time.

Virtually all wealthy people have several little passive “streams” of income coming in that eventually build into a “river” of wealth.


MSI Connect is for members of the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) community who are interested in continuous growth and joining the 1% of the population who create true and lasting wealth through MSI.

It’s also for people who want to extend their reach, productivity and effectiveness by networking and masterminding with like-minded people as they launch, promote and grow a business.


MSI Connect is not for people who believe the answer to becoming wealthy is to work harder, have a good job, or have side jobs.

It’s also not for people who are satisfied with their current level of personal and professional growth and success.

Now, if that sounds interesting…

MSI Connect is a global online networking ecosystem consisting of PGI members who benefit from like-minded Thinkers, Dreamers,and Achievers! It’s a worldwide platform for you to develop connections that will contribute to your business and personal development.

Developing new connections and networking increases your potential and ability to achieve your goals, create and expand your business and find many new opportunities to expand your income.


MSI Connect has three primary objectives

Build and Establish Multiple Sources of Income

MSI Connect is designed to put you in a position where you can create sources of income from all over the world.

Whether you are new to this and you need to learn from others how to create new streams of income or you’re ready to jump right in and start establishing multiple sources of income, MSI Connect is the place to be.

Network and Mastermind with Others in an Elite, Like-Minded Community of Professionals

If you want your business or ideas to thrive, you need a network of reliable connections to become an advocate for your company and extend your reach. Because in the business world, it is all about WHO you know and not about WHAT you know.

Another huge benefit of connecting with others is knowledge discovery. We can’t all be experts in all things. Networking with like-minded people often leads to discoveries and solutions that a single person alone might not ever find.

The good news is technology has opened up new economic, referral, and advice avenues to easily connect with people all around the world. You can super network with dreamers and innovators anytime you want.

Grow Your Business With Direct Lead-Generation & Sales from a Worldwide Audience of Millions

You can feature the products and services you offer on the PGI Marketplace website to generate direct leads and sales from the public.

This is a separate website from the MSI Connect platform that is not restricted to members. It’s a public online marketplace, so, your products and services will be visible to anyone who is shopping on the internet.

Imagine how much your results could improve if, each day, you could communicate and share ideas with individuals who are moving at the same speed as you towards their goals, and actually want to help you.

Imagine getting your business or brand SHOWCASED in front of millions of potential customers.

Imagine a place where with the ease of your fingertips you could benefit from others’ experiences, build a brand for yourself and have worldwide visibility, and learn about and create new sources of income that could multiply your bottom line WITHOUT working harder.

Now stop imagining and check out MSI Connect.

MSI Connect is a global platform and community where individuals and businesses can connect and grow through meaningful and productive networking and masterminding with people that are on an equally exciting and forward-moving journey.

The result is business and personal growth that sets you up for for BIGGER and BETTER results FASTER than ever.

Andrew Carnegie said:

“Accumulation of great fortune calls for power. And power is acquired through highly-organized and intelligently-directed specialized knowledge. However, the person that accumulates the fortune does not have to be the one that has the knowledge.”

MSI Connect allows you to build your business and your fortune without having the knowledge you need to do it. Everything you need can be accessed or gained through the global network and masterminding opportunities.



FOR YOU. . .



Networking with people who are like-minded accelerates potential. Every member of MSI Connect is part of the PGI network, so every person you connect with is growing and excited to make things happen in their life and the world.

You’ll have valuable, long-standing connections that will help you act on big ideas, create MSI’s, and take your business and your life to the next level… anytime you want.

Establish and Build Multiple Sources of Income (including earning recurring monthly income from referrals who join the site)


In addition to creating MSI’s, you will earn recurring monthly income for every referral that joins MSI Connect signs up for as long as they remain a member.



Whether you’re just thinking about starting a business or you are ready to take your enterprise to the next level, you must develop your untapped potential. Lifelong learning is the only way to do that.

MSI Connect has exclusive tools, resources, and connections to help you do that so you can get anywhere you want to go as quickly as possible.

Here are just a few of the personal development perks of being a member of MSI Connect:

• Exclusive Bob Proctor content and offerings to members.

• Ability to continue to network, mastermind, and grow with like-minded people who attend the PGI events you attend.

• Opportunities to get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming to sharpen your skills.

• Thousands of dollars worth of personal development material available inside the platform media center.



You’ll have the unique ability to build your personal brand and gain visibility in front of people that are actively growing, stretching and thinking big – just like you – people in the PGI network. A network with very warm, pre-qualified, leads for you and your business!



You’ll be able to list your products and services on a public online marketplace where millions of people can see who you are and what you have to offer.

Plus, you will earn recurring monthly income for every referral that signs up for as long as they remain a member.

  • Launch an idea that you need help with—financial or otherwise—in front of thousands of like-minded individuals.
  • Experience the power of SYNERGY where two or more minds come together to discuss an idea or problem and yield a solution that far outweighs what any single person could have come up with on their own.
  • Be a part of an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who are actively involved in personal and professional development AND groups with a wide variety of interests and specialties.
  • Get better at everything you do by sharing your ideas, thoughts, and challenges with knowledgeable people who want you to succeed.
  • Connect with the top experts across almost all areas of business who WANT to show you the secrets to growing your business from start-up to multi-million-dollar enterprise.
  • Develop lifelong friendships and, when you travel, you can meet MSI Connect members all around the world.
  • Create or be part of a partnership or team that encourages you, increases your productivity, and holds you accountable for the daily or weekly goals you set.
  • Create your very own sub-community where you can engage followers throughout the entire PGI Global network.
  • Have opportunities, big and small, almost literally land in your lap from hundreds of people who want to do business with someone like you.

Membership in MSI Connect is designed to help you launch and/or grow your ideas and create MSI’s through the leverage of the PGI network. There’s a whole world of people in this wonderful network eager to help each other, to do business with one another and to rise to new heights together.

Your membership gives you the ability to take ideas to the next level by allowing you to:

  • Learn about, create, source and share MSI’s with forward thinking, high vibration entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Access teachings exclusive to MSI Connect
  • Make announcements to the network and view others’ posts on the MSI Connect exclusive private facebook group.
  • Receive exclusive access to offers from PGI and other members
  • Find events to attend that are held by PGI or other members
  • View businesses & service offerings of other members
  • See and apply for opportunities created by other members
  • Discuss and engage with other members on topics and ideas in the forums
  • Create listings on the PGI Marketplace website to promote your own products and services.
  • Access the MSI Connect Media center, which houses recordings from events, along with other great content only found in MSI Connect.
  • Search and connect with other members from all over the world.
  • Create joint ventures and raise funds, or find businesses powered by PGI teachings to invest in.
  • Utilize the entire PGI network to succeed in your business(es) and venture(s).

This is your chance to tap into everything a global network of high vibration, growth-oriented, forward thinking individual has to offer you.

If you want to join the 1% of the populations who have multiple sources of income that create lasting wealth . . .

If you want to network and mastermind with like-minded thinkers, dreamers and innovators and grow . . .

If you want everything you need to create wealth and thrive in business and life all in one place . . .


Membership Pricing


30-Day Trial

Then only $249 per month

Weekly Interactive Calls

Elite-Level Networking

Like-Minded Community

Built-in MSI Opportunities

Extensive Content Library