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Creating Productive Paradigms to Live the Life You Want.


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Deliberate Development of Wealth, Health and Success Consciences

So … what do you really want for your life?


Don’t just settle for what you think you can get …

Don’t stop at the glass ceiling …

Don’t let fear, overwhelm or bad habits stop you …

This is YOUR life. And you deserve and can have the very best.

What if EVERYTHING you TRULY want is closer than you think?

What if you can
do better

What if you can
have more

What if you can
live a life that’s great

There are these things called ‘Paradigms’ that are controlling basically everything in your life …

your thoughts, your actions, and your results.

No matter what it is that you want – your paradigm will either help you get there or keep you from getting there.

So, what is a paradigm?

Paradigm | Noun.
A collection of thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions that dictate your feelings, action and results.

So often we’re committing the devastating mistake of living our lives on autopilot – with only small glimpses of inspiration, desire, and passion.

And if you think you’ll get to where you want by chance, think again.


“When I first reached out to Bob Proctor, my life was in shambles. To say my future was bleak is an understatement. 18 months later, I joined Bob Proctor Coaching.  Almost immediately, I began to notice positive changes in myself and my life.  Bob helped me recognize and change my paradigm of always being a victim of circumstance and I became a conscious creator of my future.  The introductory weeks helped me define my purpose.  I went from having a vague idea about writing a self-help book to a clear picture of the entire program I am developing.  The coaching email and Mastermind parts of the course are invaluable as they keep me focused, motivated and inspired.

I am tremendously grateful to Bob Proctor and his wonderful team. This course has helped me recognize the greatness in my present life and has shown me how to achieve whatever goals I set for the future. I highly recommend Bob Proctor Coaching to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their life experience.”



Imagine waking up and actually living your dream life.


Imagine feeling liberated

– like you have the freedom (with both time and finances) to really enjoy life.

Imagine having ‘it’

– the confidence to create the life you really want, to go after your biggest goals and to take charge of your life.

Imagine experiencing true fulfillment

– like you’re not just going through the motions, but you’re living a life of purpose and meaning.

You can have all of this and more. You can have anything you want.

Bob Proctor Coaching

Creating Productive Paradigms


With the Bob Proctor Coaching Program, you will unlock the secrets of unlimited human potential through an in-depth study of the mind and how it is that we become what we think about!

You will learn to integrate your belief with your behavior.

It’s not enough to WANT to do better, you need to TAKE ACTION on your wants and your dreams.  The Bob Proctor Coaching program will empower you with the understanding you need to implement the concepts taught so that you may attain any goal you truly desire.

How Does the Bob Proctor Coaching Program Work?

The Bob Proctor Coaching Program is a 13-month interactive coaching designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts Bob Proctor’s 54 years of study and application. With rigorous application of these principles and coaching, each participant will experience incredible results in all areas of their lives.

Throughout the program, Bob works with you to identify and change paradigms – habits and beliefs – which are preventing you from achieving the results you truly want in every area of your life. We focus on the primary goals and objectives YOU want to achieve.

Set a goal that is worthy of you, and Bob will coach you to
its realization.

This program is a strategically designed mix of education, accountability, and action. Action toward the progressive realization of your dreams.



We’re here for you!

Bob Proctor Coaching Members are a part of the Proctor Gallagher Family.

As soon as you join the Bob Proctor Coaching Program, you’ll be supported in the through the best year of your life. We’ll be there with you every step of the way as you build and create your dream life.

Additionally, you’re going to be invited into our private online Facebook group where all of our past Bob Proctor Coaching classes come together as one powerful community. This is where you’ll meet like-minded souls who are ready to transform their own lives and thrive (just like you!).

We’ve thought of everything you need so you can focus on what really matters: your success!


“I was attracted to Bob Proctor and his coaching program after I read The Secret and watched the movie.  I joined the coaching program six months ago.  Bob has a strong passion for sharing his profound knowledge and has a phenomenal knack to explain the human behavior in a simple manner. This makes it easy to understand and apply the laws. Even at halfway mark of the coaching program, I find a tremendous change in myself and am having more wins at work.  My sincere thanks to Bob and his team.”



The Bob Proctor Coaching Program is an interactive coaching program and community designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts that are taught in all of Bob Proctor’s key personal growth materials – programs he has developed over the span of nearly 50 years as the undisputed leader in the world of personal growth and development today.

Bob Proctor Coaching at a glance …


The Curriculum.



In our solar system, the sun is one stable element around which all of the planets revolve. Your Purpose is your sun. It doesn’t move; it doesn’t change. Your Vision and its subsequent Goals are the planets that revolve around your Purpose’s perimeter. In the Bob Proctor Coaching Program you’re going to establish and crystalize your purpose, vision, and goals so that you can effectively and swiftly create the life you really want.



When it comes to achieving goals, the fast-moving Goal Achiever program will prove to be one of the most powerful personal success programs you’ve ever come across. Finally, you’ll come to understand why so many people set goals, yet so few achieve them – and most importantly you’ll know exactly how to set the right goals and achieve any goal you set.



Prepare yourself to start living a life that’s RIGHT in everything that matters – health, wealth, relationships and fulfillment. You (really) Were Born Rich – we all were … and you’ll find living that way is a quick choice away when you understand and apply the information within the Bob Proctor Coaching Program.



You will learn how money is earned and enjoyed and find out how to get on the fast track to LASTING riches. After this, there will be no more wishing and hoping. The Science of Getting Rich demonstrates that true riches will come to you in direct proportion to the definiteness of your VISION, the firmness of your PURPOSE, the steadiness of your FAITH and the depth of your GRATITUDE.



You’re going to discover your BEST life full of joy, freedom, and wealth as you understand and apply the Laws of the Universe! Just like gravity, the laws are always working – with the Bob Proctor Coaching Program you’ll understand and apply them to create the life you really want.



You’ll have a manual to take the mystery and frustration out to achieving success and goals – for good! With the Bob Proctor Coaching Program, you’ll reach a point where achieving your goals and dreams can be energizing, fun and wait for it … fast!


A critical piece of the Bob Proctor Coaching Program is discovering how to live a confident, unstoppable, successful life as you change the way you believe in and think about YOU! With the Bob Proctor Coaching Program, you’ll receive a process proven to help you feel, act and achieve like the winner you are.

The Delivery.


LIVE Webinar Sessions
Q&A Calls

Email Coaching
Weekly Newsletter

Extras & Bonuses.


Bob also invites special guests into the coaching program to deliver exclusive lessons to the members.


With this kind of growth, you need the right environment. You’ll be invited to a private Facebook group with not only your coaching class – but all of our previous coaching classes. You’ll be able to make life-long connections with this powerful, expanding network. Plus, this is where PGI lets you in on early bird specials and VIP content.


A support system is imperative to your success – there to bounce ideas off of, lean on, mastermind with, cheer you on, and keep you accountable.


We want to make sure you have access to every resource to help you live the life that you want to live. You’re invited to a bonus Q&A call with Bob each and every month – so you can pick his brain and get your questions answered.


It’s no surprise that in order to create the success you really want; you need reliable resources. Experts you can rely on in each area of a business to help you bring your idea to life – whether you’re in the start-up phase or the growth phase.


“The most significant transformation that I experienced since meeting Bob is a shift from being fearful to being faithful in my thoughts and actions. Previously I would analyze and ponder over decisions and procrastinate to the point where I missed opportunities. I also would doubt my decisions or actions before and after the fact. Today, I am making sound decisions and know how I feel when making them, so that I am aware of my intent and motivation behind these decisions. I use Bob’s four-point process to decision making on a regular basis:
1. DO I WANT TO be, do or have this?
2. Will being, doing or having this MOVE ME IN THE DIRECTION OF MY GOAL?
3. Is being, doing or having this IN HARMONY WITH GOD’S LAWS OR THE LAWS
4. Will being, doing or having this VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS?”



History You Can Trust


The Bob Proctor Coaching Program was officially launched in October 2002.

Each year, hundreds of individuals graduate from the program with a higher level
of awareness and understanding enabling them to live the lives they really want to live.

Since its inception in 2002, the program has developed and grown into the present-day model, which is widely considered to be the industry standard for coaching in the area of personal growth and development.

This program is perfect for you if you’ve ever said anything like:

“I want more out of life, but don’t know what to do.”

“I have goals, but they seem so far away.”

“I have a lot of good ideas, but never follow through with them.”

“I feel like I was meant for more, I was meant to do great things.”

“I’m stuck.”

“I don’t even know what I want; I just know I want more.”

“I struggle to stay focused and constantly procrastinate.”


“I have read the books Bob Proctor has recommended for years, but being in this program has been the catalyst to change in my life. I thought I had changed my mindset years ago, but being surrounded by other like-minded individuals on the Facebook page has allowed me to flourish.  Also, having access to Bob himself, Pixie my coach, and my mastermind group has been vital to my success. The BPC program was the best investment in myself I have ever made and I’m so grateful for it!”



What will your life look like with Bob Proctor Coaching?

Here’s the thing – you owe it to yourself to explore the Bob Proctor Coaching Program and spending 13-months focused on improving your life. For you, your business and your family.

The Bob Proctor Coaching Program is designed for your growth, your wins, and your goals.

The best part is, Bob has been doing this for decades – he’s not guessing at what works. He has a tried and true, proven system that will help you improve your life.

If you want to improve your life …

If you want to take complete control of every aspect of your life …

If you want to be, do and have more …

If you want to live a life of happiness, passion, and fulfillment …

This is for you.

You Could be a Bob Proctor Coaching Graduate
LIVING Your Dream Life By


For pricing, more details and to find out if the Bob Proctor Coaching Program is a good fit for you fill out the form below to be contacted by a Proctor Gallagher Training and Coaching Coordinator.

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Still thinking about getting there alone?

Are there goals that you keep putting off?

Is there something you want to achieve in the months ahead?

Do you want to have different results in the next year – and for the rest of your life?

This is your opportunity to take action and create wealth and fulfillment – for good.

And if not now, when?

Bob Proctor will commit to your success with you to make the process easier and faster than you thought possible. Give this coaching your best effort and your life will transform.

For pricing, more details and to find out if the Bob Proctor Coaching Program is a good fit for you fill out the form below to be contacted by a Proctor Gallagher Training and Coaching Coordinator.

First Name

Last Name