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Imagine waking up and what was an idea for a book is now an international best seller.

Imagine the flood of emails, calls, Facebook messages and tweets from the people you uplifted inspired and informed with
YOUR passion.

Imagine a bank account as full as your passion.

You don’t have to imagine. This is what Peggy McColl does – make best sellers who turn an idea into a book and then a profitable, lasting business.

You CAN create your own BIG book idea, manifest abundant wealth and impact
the world.

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“By 10:30 a.m. [my book] hit #1 overall
on both and

Neale Donald Walsch

“I feel as though I have cut through

YEARS of wasted time and costly mistakes.”

Janelle Breese Biagioni

“My bottom line has actually DOUBLED
beacuse of your help”

Dr. Stacia Pierce

“Changed my life forever, both financially and professionally.”

Deborah Skye King

“A non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-producing MACHINE!”

Dean Graziosi

“Follow her system to the letter.”

David Riklan

Get Mentored By “The Best Seller Maker” Herself & Watch Your Financial Abundance Climb Just as Fast as Your Book on

The Best Seller List

This step-by-step coaching program has launched perhaps MORE bestsellers than ANY other – and you could be next.

This program is designed and tailored for you to take advantage of all the hottest and most effective book-marketing and promoting tools and opportunities available today!

Yes, whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction …

No matter whether it’s your first book or your twenty-first…

Regardless of whether your book is already written or not even begun…

About Peggy McColl

Peggy McColl is a New York Times Best-Selling author, teacher and speaker. She is widely referred to as the ‘Best-Seller Maker’ as she’s helped hundreds of eager entrepreneurs break through the invisible barrier of just aspirations to a reality with a best-selling book and rapidly growing business. She shares speaking stages with Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and other heavy hitters in the personal development industry with more than 20 years of expertise in creating a life of abundance.

I have known Peggy McColl for 38 years and she is not only a wonderful friend but she is an excellent business associate. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her talent in this area is unmatched. Many of the greatest authors in the personal development industry have hired Peggy to assist them because of her expertise. If you want to leave your mark in print look no further. The Born Rich book has done more for my business than any other one thing. Don’t even look sideways, don’t ask anyone, just leave your information and get working with Peggy.

Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor — these are just a few of the highly successful people who have called Peggy McColl when they wanted help in writing or promoting a book. As the CEO of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, I meet a lot of very successful individuals. Peggy is one of the nicest, service – oriented, successful individuals that I have ever known. Working with Peggy is a learning experience, a growth experience. She brings with her training a prosperity consciousness that rubs off on every client. I highly recommend Peggy McColl and her service if you have a desire to write or promote a book.

Write ( or finish! ) The Book That Sets You Up For Success

This module contains everything you need to know to write a phenomenal book from home in no time including:

  • How to write your book in less than 48 hours (or spread it out — multiple ways will be shown)
  • 3 Ways to write your book without lifting a pen or putting one finger on a keyboard
  • Getting your book uploaded and selling within a few days
  • What is required in the writing to have your book “positioned” to be a best seller
  • What is required in the preparation to have your book be a revenue generator
  • Agents – do you need one, and where do you find them?
  • Ownership of rights to your material
  • Converting your document into multiple formats
  • Getting big name / expert endorsements
  • Selling your book to a publisher for a big advance
  • All about foreign rights issues
  • Creating Attention-Grabbing Mind-blowing Titles and Sub-titles that get people to buy your book regardless of the content
  • What’s required to have an off-the-charts amazing “cover”
  • Leaving a legacy … something your offspring (children, grandchildren, nieces, siblings, nephews) would be proud of
  • This is an online course that you get INSTANT ACCES to when you register now!

Create Your Credibility + Status as a Best Selling Author AND Expert

This module contains everything you need to know to make your book a Best Seller including:

  • Building your brand so people recognize you as the “one and only”
  • Developing new income streams
  • Creating a “springboard” from which to launch a speaking career
  • Spreading your important, life-changing message
  • Bolstering your reputation and spreading your name into new untapped pockets of your market
  • Overcoming the “inertia” that’s been holding you back by implementing the concept of “massive action yields massive results”
  • Going international!
  • An overview of the complete Bestseller Blueprint – a map of where you are, where you’re going, and how we’ll get you there by the shortest, smoothest route. It’s important to have an understanding of this before we begin. In fact, it’s the starting point to all success – whether as an author, speaker, coach, or anything you want to do.
  • How to engage list owners, tweeters, facebook friends and bloggers, and encourage them to come on board in promoting your book.
  • Crafting compelling copy – how to make your marketing materials specific, engaging, and persuasive. This has a focus on “keeping it real” … because honesty, authenticity, and ethical marketing will get you greater results in the long run, and allow you to sleep guilt-free.
  • Creating that irresistible offer that gets buyers salivating for your book, and racing to slap down their credit cards.
  • A special segment on what it takes to get a book in the New York Times Best Seller list (and you don’t even need to live in the US to do this!)
  • What you need or don’t need on a website

The Money-Making Author: Create Multiple Sources of Income

This module contains everything you need to know to expand beyond your book and produce BIG revenue including:

  • Idea creation – how to come up with more revenue-producing ideas than you could ever have time to develop (just like I do!) … analyzing the profit potential of any opportunities before doing the work … and creating a highly profitable “Revenue Model”
  • Putting together quality offerings, and understanding your audience (because your customers want certain things … in certain ways). Creating revenue-producing services and/or products for little or no cost
  • Writing effective copy for any offer (email, landing page, autoresponders) – because if your message isn’t delivered in the right way, your chances of success are greatly diminished!
  • The nuts and bolts of: Creating an ongoing month-by-month revenue stream
  • How to continuously grow your leads and customer list (and WHY this is so crucial)
  • Taking your message to the stage, and generating maximum “back-of-room” sales (and weaving your message seamlessly throughout your presentation without sounding “salesy” or pushy)


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If you want to take control of your life,
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“Peggy McColl’s program is packed with real information and a lot of it, my advice is to pay attention, keep up and put the knowledge into practice. The format is original and not just a program but an experience. The networking and creative energy that Peggy is able to bring together is hard to replicate elsewhere. Peggy is not only incredibly knowledgeable but a genuine person who is authentic, successful, creative, very generous and full of energy. I highly recommend working with her if you ever have the opportunity.”

Karen Smith

“You Rock! Just wanted you to know that! What you are offering us is phenomenal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am completely inspired by your generosity and so excited to share your work and these concepts with hundreds and hundreds of people–empowering them to be conscious creators. I love living in and sharing that energy more than anything! Lives are going to be changed! Wahoo!! You are a blessing in my life!”

Rochelle Rawson

Edged out by Harry Potter “I’m from Australia and wanted my book to become better known, particularly internationally. Within three weeks of taking Peggy’s bestseller program, her strategy took my book to number #5 on the Amazon Bestseller list right – right behind Harry Potter! I also hit the Business Week Bestseller list. Since then, I’ve been approached by publishers in China, Japan, Romania, and I’m currently speaking to agents and publishers here in America, who want to take my book on. Thanks to Peggy, I’ve become known in ways I never would have if I hadn’t taken her course!”

Sandy Forster – Author of “How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast”

“Thank you is not nearly enough to convey how sincerely grateful I am to you; for your program, your friendship, your genuine desire to see us all succeed, your generosity and your authenticity.”


Even landed a deal with Random House! “After hitting #1 on Amazon, we landed a deal with Random House! Peggy is fabulous! When I had questions, she was ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ with answers. Thanks to her we hit #1 on! As a result a lot of exciting opportunities have come our way. Enrolment in our programs has increased. Plus, Random House is now going to publish our book in Germany!”

Gary Rebstock – Co-author of “Born a Healer”

Hit #1 spot on “Peggy is absolutely brilliant at what she does. She was the lead player in a campaign that saw The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO rise to the #1 spot on within hours. Listen to what she says — she’s a master.”

Robin Sharma – Bestselling Author of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”