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by Hubert Adderley on Paradigm Shift Event

I throughly enjoyed the seminar and highly recommend it to others.

by Leslie Inglis on Paradigm Shift Event

Thank you Bob Proctor and the PGI Team. I am so thankful that we committed to each other! Amazing event!

by John Haenftling on Paradigm Shift Event

As many times as I hear this information there is always something new and there are new "aha" moments. I'm one of those people who planted the seeds years ago and then didn't tend to the harvest. I'm weeding out the bad seeds that have fallen in over the years and making tremendous progress. As if the Paradigm shift program wasn't enough, the generosity of the Proctor Gallagher group gave access to "The Magic In Your Mind" which is proving to be a wonderful review of our mental faculties. Not only is it a review, there is valuable new information that keeps me excited every day. Thanks for springing me back into shape!!!

by Antonio Fasano on Paradigm Shift Event

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Bob your teaching is amazing and you are an inspiration. you have shown me the why. I cant thank you and your team enough and are looking forward to meeting you some time soon. The paradigm shift was amazing again. Gets better every time. I am very appreciative of you and your team and how this information has not just changed me but the people around me.

by Lamon Kersey on Paradigm Shift Event

Best Paradigm Seminar so far... Bob is getting better with age. Incredible!

by Roberto Tortolero on Paradigm Shift Event

To be in this event, even on streaming, was the fulfillment of the promise for the Paradigm Shift. I told to my self that i was going to attend to this seminar, and set my goal to find the money for it. And all of sudden, the money came in and... there I was. This is just the first step.

by Kirsten on Paradigm Shift Event

The concepts of mindset and paradigms as well as the terror barrier became so clear to me. I was able to see areas I need to work on immediately. Thank you for all the wonderful resources that came along with the livestream. The conference has taken me up to another level in my thinking and action. Ive been following Bob Proctors teaching for at least 10 years from afar this was my first full conference. What a difference attending the conference makes. Thank you.

by Deb Norman on Paradigm Shift Event

This content is always amazing however it seems to be getting better and more diverse, I am loving it, my thinking really changes when I watch this content.

by Sophia Lightbourne on Paradigm Shift Event

This event was phenomenal. The information was tranformational and now its just time to study and apply.

The best teaching in the world on the mind. So grateful for the replays, helping me to reinforce my habit of study and application. Nothing else out there that comes close to Paradigm Shift and even better 2nd time round. Looking forward to attending the event live in the very near future. Thank you PGI so grateful for your standards of excellence.

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