Success Just Got More Affordable

You can change your life through daily repetition in as little as just six minutes a day. This is the premise that our Six Minutes to Success program is built on. Six Minutes to Success is a membership program that’s just 4 years old.

As a Six Minutes to Success member you receive a daily featured video that is 2-3 minutes long and each video has a short exercise. The idea, is that by something this small, and with a forward thinking, mind expanding idea on the forefront of your mind all day long – your life will change for the better … more rapidly than you’d imagine. Along with the daily featured video there are many additional, great resources inside the membership program like success articles, video transcripts and audio MP3s and even a goal workbook.

This year we’ve decided to redo the entire membership program with exciting updates – all decided upon to better serve our clients. We’ve updated our branding, added new daily videos, are re-recording all current 600+ 6 Minutes videos, have added more features and upgraded every single existing program.

This has been a labor of love, and one close to our hearts as it’s important for us to provide programs and products easily available for everyone in our community non-dependent on age, income or awareness.

Check out to experience this project first hand!

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