How to Get on the Fast Track to LASTING Riches

No More Wishing and Hoping – Master the Science to Getting and Staying Rich!

What does ‘getting rich’ mean to you?

Is it having enough money so that you never have to worry about your monthly bills?

Is being able pay off your bills and live debt-free?

Or maybe it’s being a multi-millionaire who gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No matter what ‘getting rich’ means to you—you can attain it. People are getting rich and even becoming millionaires every day. And you can too. You just have to do one thing different. You have to put out a specific thought and then follow a proven process for accumulating money and opportunities… And as a result—you will get rich.

As you’ll soon discover, ANY man, woman or child…

  • at any age,
  • in any job,
  • in any part of the world,
  • no matter what their social, economic or educational background,
  • no matter what their level of intelligence

… can become wealthy simply by doing things in a certain way.

There is truly a science to getting rich

We’re not talking about a get-rich-quick scheme or a dog-eat-dog kind of plan.

This is a complete philosophy, an honest, honorable way to live your life—as powerful as it is pragmatic, ethical and effect.

It’s a way of thinking combined with proven steps that bring money into your life— and more joy into the lives of every person you encounter—as surely as if it were attracted by the strongest magnet.

It works no matter how many times you’ve tried to get rich before. And you don’t have to be more talented or intelligent than anyone else. You don’t need to come from a certain environment, or be a certain age, race or gender.

Wealth—incredible wealth, if that’s what you desire—is available to absolutely everyone … including you.

Just follow the proven step-by-step plan

If you’d like a practical method to get rich without having to understand theory…

If you want to get rich first and philosophize afterward…

This is the plan for you.

You see, after studying The Science of Getting Rich for nearly half a century, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher

have developed a complete wealth creation program based on the contents of this classic book.


Because they know it works!

Bob has lived his life according to the wealth-building tenets found within the book’s pages for nearly fifty years—and he’s become a millionaire several times over.

And Sandy’s life was changed forever after attending one of Bob’s presentations of The Science of Getting Rich.

Like the book, Bob and Sandy’s program is practical, not a treatise on theories.

Many people say The Science of Getting Rich is the…


It is intended for
people who…

• Have a pressing need for money.

• Have not found the time, the means,
nor the opportunity to go
deeply into the study of metaphysics.
• Want results and who are willing to
take the conclusions of science as a
basis for action.


The Science of Getting Rich teaches the foundations of personal development, the law of attraction and achieving the life you really want. As such, it can teach you how to execute and achieve any goal with the precision and accuracy of a medical laser.

The result? You’ll never again go stepping through life in the dark, hoping you might get to where you’d really like to be.

Bob used this powerful system to build practically his entire fortune. And it has served as the foundation for virtually every piece of work Bob has ever written, and all the most powerful seminars he has ever taught, worldwide, from Europe to Asia to America. Seminars that have helped corporations worldwide improve their sales by hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Science of Getting Rich is covered in 17 sessions and a comprehensive workbook:
Session 1: The Right to Be Rich
Session 2: The Science of Getting Rich
Session 3: Is Opportunity Monopolized?
Session 4: The First Principle
Session 5: Increasing Life
Session 6: How Riches Come to You
Session 7: Gratitude
Session 8: Thinking in a Certain Way
Session 9: How to Use the Will
Session 10: Further Use of The Will
Session 11: Acting In a Certain Way
Session 12: Effective Action
Session 13: Getting Into The Right Business
Session 14: The Impression of Increase
Session 15: The Advancing Person
Session 16: Some Cautions and Concluding Observations
Session 17: A Summary of the Science of Getting Richproduct

The Science of Getting Rich can help you stake
your claim in the top 10 percent of the
very wealthiest around us—in the top percent
if that’s your goal.

You’ll discover how to:

• Develop a prosperity consciousness that plants the seeds needed  for your real-world wealth.
• Land any job you want—or start a successful business of your own,  if that’s what you desire.
• Accelerate your paradigm shift in order to watch your  fortune appear.
• Enjoy guilt-free riches simply by putting a thought out  into the world.
• Move from limiting competition to lucrative creation.
• Get what is rightfully yours by giving others what is rightfully theirs.
• Choose thoughts guaranteed to create plenty in your life.
• Become too “large” for your current place in life, a sure way to advance.
• And much more!

The entire wealth creation system, which includes 12 MP3s, a 200 page e-workbook, The Science of Getting Rich ebook, and a goal card is only $497.

Lasting wealth doesn’t come from wishes, happenstance, or even hard work.

The Science of Getting Rich demonstrates that true riches will come to you in direct proportion to the definiteness of your VISION, the firmness of your PURPOSE, the steadiness of your FAITH and the depth of your GRATITUDE.

Listen, if you just keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll just keep getting what you’re getting.

But if you’re ready to do things a different way so you can attract financial, spiritual and intellectual wealth, order your copy of The Science of Getting Rich today.

  • Explore the book.
  • Listen to the recordings.
  • Read the workbook and do the exercises.
  • Put the principles to work in your life.


Take the lid off your mind… and your bank account forever

People are getting rich every day, doing things they already know how to do and already love to do.

These people are no brighter or more talented than you. They are no better than you in any way. The only difference between you and these wealthy people is they know—consciously or subconsciously—the secrets contained in The Science of Getting Rich.

If you’re ready to join them, order The Science of Getting Rich and start putting its ‘magic’ formula to immediate use in your life today.

And then, sooner than you might imagine, you’ll join the ranks of the ‘happily rich.’