Lead The Field. Live Life Your Way.

“You’re living a balanced life when you are spending your days doing what you LOVE to do and, at the same time, earning the amount of MONEY you need . . . to provide the things you want . . . to live the way YOU choose.”

– Bob Proctor, Lead the Field

Before you proceed any further, I want you to re-read my quote above. Do that for me, please.

What Does Living A Balanced Life Feel Like To You?

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning with real enthusiasm because you can’t wait to start your day. You feel alive and happy and on purpose. You might even feel a sense of giddiness because everything is falling SO neatly into place … everything is working with this crazy kind of methodical magic in your life . . . And it’s because your brought this program, Lead the Field, into your life.

I’m not claiming that a 12-lesson audio coaching program can be responsible for dramatically changing your life. It’s not the responsible one . . .


The fact is, YOU have always had a powerful, limitless mind. Every person on this planet has a powerful, limitless mind. But in most cases, you … and your billions of fellow peers … are rarely educated to understand this and, as a consequence, you’re probably not living the life you deserve.

This Lead The Field Coaching Program

Doesn’t Add A Single Nucleotide To Your DNA Strand.

It doesn’t improve your IQ.

Lead the Field simply sows every right seed into your fertile, flawless mind.

Over the course of just 120 days – just 4 months – you will learn how to recognize and remove the “weeds” in your mind that have choked the growth and success in your life.

120 Days = Live Life Your Way

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15 Minutes from Now. . .

I will begin showing you how these simple, proven, strategic maneuvers can finally – and forever – move you into the life you’ve always wanted to live.

120 Days = Live Life Your Way

Register Now!

15 Minutes from Now. . .

I will begin showing you how these simple, proven, strategic maneuvers can finally – and forever – move you into the life you’ve always wanted to live.

ANY Aspect of Your Life CAN & WILL Blossom

Maybe you’re the person who’s already has accomplished a great deal and – for the most part – likes the life you live.

Or, you might be that person who’s living paycheck to paycheck, frustrated with this place you’ve found yourself in.

When you make a commitment to this Lead the Field coaching program, you’re going to find that any aspect of life that you want to improve CAN and WILL blossom just as assuredly as a 4-month season will sprout an 8-foot stalk from a single kernel of corn.

Creating More Millionaires in the World

Than Any Other Program.

Earl Nightingale wrote and recorded Lead the Field in the early 1960s to help people recognize and “sow” the true seeds of success. It quickly became the biggest selling personal development program in the world. It has created more millionaires and launched more successful careers than any other program in history..

I was one of those success stories.

I went from barely having two nickels to rub together, to operating a vast, profitable business. Lead the Field impacted me so greatly, in fact, that I made the commitment to find a way to work with Earl Nightingale so that I could continue to learn from this master … and I worked with him for many years.

A short time ago, I re-recorded Earl’s entire program, this time nearly doubling the course’s content by adding in hundreds of examples and weaving in lessons that I’ve learned and taught over these last 40 years, along with new exercises that will really wake you up.

Lead the Field is Often Labeled a “Goal Achieving” Program. That’s like Saying the Sun is Just a Planet in Our Solar System

You might think that Lead the Field is just for business people or salespeople who want to earn higher commissions. This program is much more far reaching than a mere business application – it is the master’s degree to living your version of a magical life.

Lead the Field is a brilliant mash-up of how your mind works and how the seven universal laws work (whether your mind is on board and rowing with these laws right now or not).

When working in harmony, these two components

– your Mind and the Laws –

– are your foundation for limitless success.

It’s from this essential foundation that you’re THEN going to learn how to implement the REAL and TRUE seeds of success … seeds that are rarely taught anywhere in the world, but are capable of effortlessly growing rain forests of lush success in your life.

The Master’s Degree to

Living Life on Your Terms


Every 10 days it’s a new lesson. And, as you devote 10 days to each lesson, you’re going to find that you’re learning something new each of those days. Lead the Field will become your reference and resource for the rest of your life. It’s that powerful.

Lead the Field Helps You Finally “Get It”

Once and for all, revealing step-by-step thought and action methods that are readily available to you (in fact, they’ve always been with you!)

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120 Days = Live Life Your Way

What You Recieve Over The Next 4 Months

Instant Access

Within 15 minutes of registering for this program, you will have your own personal login to the Proctor-Gallagher campus, and the first audio lesson in your “in” box!

12 Audio Lessons

Every 10 days, we send you a new audio lesson with the downloadable transcript to follow along.

Q & A Sessions With Me

Each month, I conduct a live, hour-long question-and-answer webinar to answer your specific questions. It’s a great way to interact with me and hear solutions and suggestions that I address to other students on the line, too.


Within each lesson packet, you have quick-moving exercises that open your mind, stretch your imagination and map your path to living life on your new terms.

24 Videos

Sandra Gallagher and I have created introductory and mid-point videos that summarize key lessons, point out hidden contexts you want to look for, and offer real-life examples and suggestions to enrich and accelerate your learning.

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Lead The Field. Live Life Your Way

Find your way to the winner’s circle.

YOUR winner’s circle.

Whatever you want it to be.