Here’s how to believe like Michelangelo, “think” like an acorn, and follow-through on Bob Proctor’s step-by-step actions that – once and forever – change the results in your life.

A couple summers ago, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Florence, Italy, and learning more about Michelangelo’s life as a sculptor. Although he graced this planet of ours several hundred years ago, Michelangelo understood then what many of us consider to be a very modern concept – The Law of Attraction. Michelangelo understood that everything coming into our lives is something we’ve attracted – whether we consciously realize we’re doing it or not!

In this audio MP3, as you learn more about the history behind the creation of one of his most famous works, the statue of David, you will also begin to see how Michelangelo’s clear perception of Thought & Action created magnificence in his life … and how you – right there – can create the same for your life as well!