Why is it that no matter how badly you want a specific change or freedom in your life, you just can’t seem to act on it . . . or, worse . . . when you act on it, it simply slips from your grasp? In this audio, Bob Proctor talks about “The X-Y Factor” which – ultimately – comes down to the real difference between believing and knowing.

See, knowing goes beyond belief. Belief is an expression of faith. When you KNOW, there’s absolutely NO thread of skepticism. Knowing resides at the core of you but, in many cases, we let that knowing become shrouded and smudged by fears and doubts. When we let this negativity control our future lives, this is the X Factor.

On the opposite side stands the Y Factor. This is the knowing you – this is the confident action-taker, life-changer you’ve envisioned taking charge in your life for much greater results. So, how do you nudge that X Factor aside to let the Y Factor sit on the throne?

Here, Bob Proctor reveals truths about the X Factor in your life. You will:

  • Recognize exactly what the X Factor is
  • Understand what happens when a new idea – the Y Factor comes knocking at your mind’s door
  • Learn how to overcome the many obstacles the X Factor puts up to keep “Y” away
  • What to do when the X Factor absolutely revolts
  • What happens to the X Factor when it’s been overtaken by “Y”
  • Acting on the next steps when “Y” is finally in charge