Things Are Not Always As They Seem

From the outside looking in we were living a life that most people only dreamed of. We owned two successful…

Insight of the Day

The Energy of Attraction

We all aspire to be, do and have great things. Yet, most of us simply aren’t creating the results we…

Sandy Gallagher

Better to Ask than Assume

The late Bill Love used to tell the story of a psychiatrist, engineer, and doctor who got lost in the…

Insight of the Day

How to Earn Money

There’s a very real possibility that everything you’ve learned about how to earn money is far from the truth. And…

Bob Proctor

The Power of Kindness

I’ve mentioned before that, despite my great admiration for people who are instinctively and consistently kind, kindness does not come…

Insight of the Day

October 2018 Affirmation of the Month

I am so happy and grateful now that… I am always happy and grateful.

Proctor Gallagher Institute

Let It Be

In the past week several people I love have had to deal with some thing major in their lives. Some…

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How to Surround Yourself with the Right People

There’s no such thing as an overnight. It requires drive, hard work and persistence. However, it can be greatly influenced…

Bob Proctor

Once a Prankster, Always a Prankster

Losing my dad was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. His illness was prolonged and I…

Insight of the Day

10 Concrete Actions to Step Into Confidence

Few of us feel invincible all the time. However, we can feel confident far more often—sometimes with very little effort.…

Sandy Gallagher