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Use Your Imagination to Become More of You

It’s hard to talk about using the imagination to grow without also discussing creativity. I say that because we use our imagination to create our future.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are tapped into the energy of the creative flow of the universe. It is always flowing to and through you. And if you use it wisely, it can change your life in remarkable ways.

You see, you are divinely guided by Spirit at all times and Spirit is perfect. It makes no mistakes.

So when you have a strong desire to be, do or have something, know that the feeling is divine discontent. There is something in you that wants to grow.

When these ideas enter your mind, you have two choices…

You can keep them alive by letting your imagination flow, or you can dismiss them and remain stuck in fear.

Ready to trust the perfection
that resides inside you?

Take a moment to scan the environment around you right now.

From a chair to a window, from a computer to your cell phone, you’ll notice many things that make your life easier and far more enjoyable.

Now, take a moment to appreciate the people who had those great ideas… and the fact that they trusted their idea enough to act on them.

We all have life-changing ideas inside that want to come to life.

But all too often, instead of nurturing those ideas, we let them die inside of us.

Sandy could have kept running her law firm, and let her idea of working with me fade away.

But she didn’t.

She fed the idea, faced her fears, took action and now she’s my business partner.

What’s calling you?

You can try to accomplish your dream on your own.

However, the odds of you sticking with it and attracting everything you need to succeed will be much, much higher if you get help from other successful people.

So, if you have a goal that you have no idea how to accomplish…

A big idea that you believe will make other people’s lives better…

Or if you’ve ever wanted to be more of you…

Come to our Matrixx Event.

You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

This program is 100 percent about you.

We will help you identify and develop your idea, your biggest desire, and then help you develop a specific action plan to get it.

You won’t find a richer environment to do this.

If you’re ready to let your imagination flow and build a picture of a beautiful future that is full of infinite possibilities…

Sandy and I—and a select group of like-minded individuals—will help you find the people and resources to turn your idea into your reality.

It’s all explained here:

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To your success,

Bob Proctor

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